Etsy Monday- Trim Your Tree

Happy first Monday in December!
It is freakishly warm today and I can't quite wrap my mind around it since on Friday it was about 15 degrees. 
But today? 58.
Yeah, I don't get it either.

Warm weather or not, I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit and wanted to feature the most amazing ornaments for today's Etsy Monday!!

Happy tree trimming!! (or whatever else you may trim...)

Baby's first Christmas ornament!

tiny owl
this. is. hilarious.
needle felted santa
I couldn't NOT show you this ornament. The perv in me thinks this is the funniest thing. Also when I went to save the img file, I went to type P no spaces ornament and realized it made the word PORNAMENT- which is perfect for this. I think I coined a new word.

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Kiersten said...

That last ornament is hilarious!
And it's 60degrees here too....I can't figure out why (although I'm not complaining...I hate the cold!)
<3 Kiersten