I am going to take a mini-break from blogging- not terribly long, but a little while.
I need a little break because I think a part of me broke last Friday- as I am sure was the same for all of you.
and lately I don't have much to say, 
and I don't feel like pretending I have a perfect life and showcasing photos of that which does not exist. 
I think I've always been fairly real on here and honest but I am lacking words lately.
and I don't want to force them.
so, with that said- see you soon and have a wonderful holiday. I hope every single day you have something to be thankful for, however small.



It's beginning to look a lot like...Thanksgiving?

I am so not Christmas-y this year.
As in...we have not even purchased our tree yet.
I have not hung a single light.
Our gingerbread house remains un-built.
No wreath adorns our door.

and so far, I am ok with that!

Don't get me wrong, I love the holidays.
Know what i don't like? Cleaning up after them.
Pine needles...
Finding random ornaments all year long...
Taking down annoying lights that took far too long to hang...

Do I sound like a grinch?
I guess I do, but oh well.
I am excited to go to my parent's house for the holiday and enjoy the Christmas-y atmosphere there.

In the meantime, we may buy a huge potted plant and decorate that....we'll see.


Etsy Monday- Trim Your Tree

Happy first Monday in December!
It is freakishly warm today and I can't quite wrap my mind around it since on Friday it was about 15 degrees. 
But today? 58.
Yeah, I don't get it either.

Warm weather or not, I'm starting to get into the holiday spirit and wanted to feature the most amazing ornaments for today's Etsy Monday!!

Happy tree trimming!! (or whatever else you may trim...)

Baby's first Christmas ornament!

tiny owl
this. is. hilarious.
needle felted santa
I couldn't NOT show you this ornament. The perv in me thinks this is the funniest thing. Also when I went to save the img file, I went to type P no spaces ornament and realized it made the word PORNAMENT- which is perfect for this. I think I coined a new word.