Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers

"see you later, see you soon"

On November 2nd, Jeff and I went to Boston to the Paradise Rock Club with some friends to see Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers on their final (for now) tour.

It was bittersweet.

I have been a die hard fan of Stephen Kellogg's music since I first heard him in 2002. That is 10 years folks. I was just a sophomore in college when he came to play at the St. A's coffee shop in October of 2002- I had never ever heard of him. But, my love of music (and coffee) had me there that cold night- I was probably one of 20 people. I was instantly blown away. Now, in 2002 I was deep in my Howie Day obsession phase- singer/songwriters were my drug. My then boyfriend was (stupidly) jealous of how infatuated I was with the rocker boys. But that night, seeing SK and hearing his music- it was a breath of fresh air for me. I had long loved Howie Day and his raspy voice- confusing lyrics and too cool stage persona. 
But when SK started to sing- his voice just...I don't have the words. He was funny on stage, warm, goofy. His lyrics were straight forward. He was singing what he felt, without trying to be difficult and edgy.
He was approachable. 
Yeah yeah, I know I'm sounding a little crazed fan/major crush right now- but I was 20 years old and I was hooked.

After that night, after buying cd's and downloading mp3s- after seeing him play whenever he was in a reasonable proximity- after having him come play on my radio show (!!!), after watching him go from a one man show, to a three man show, to a full band, after paying tribute to the band in a very permanent way on my body (I was young...but no regrets), after using the music to help me get through a very painful breakup, and listening to the music as I fell in love again, after Stephen Kellogg calling me on my 21st birthday to sing HBD to me, after graduating college and then law school, after seeing the band play their first show in Portland.....

After all these years and all these moments, I'm still the just as captured by this band, this man, this music. 

Seeing him on the stage at the Paradise during their final show in Boston was amazing and terribly sad. 

For those 3 hours of the show, I danced and sang and screamed until I lost my voice. I will admit I even got a little teary. Do you know what it is like to have music complete flow through your body? When you feel so immersed that you can't quite separate yourself from the sound? I remember telling myself that night, "don't forget this. Don't forget this feeling."

I won't. 

Somewhere east of that solo and a little bit west of the bridge

Was the singular kind of moment that you remember as long as you live


If you haven't yet listened to SK6, may I suggest:

Flower in Rain
Such a Way
You've Changed
Girlfriend as Pretty As You
Start the Day Early
Anthem of Our Discovery
4th of July
In Front of the World
Big Easy

...who am I kidding. Go listen to it all. Esp the early stuff... 


Emily said...

I love this post. Makes me want to give you a huge hug and put on some SK6, which I'm totally going to do right now. xoxoxo

Alivia said...

Love this. And them. They opened for Hanson (!!!) and so we got to meet them and man were they nice. Even to crazed fangirls like me.

Anonymous said...

I have to check out this band! They sound awesome.

Legally Lovely said...

I've never heard of this band, but I'm glad you had such a great experience! Music is just the best.

B said...

ive never heard of this band, but since you love them, clearly i will do. i will commence listening as soon as possible. stand by.