long plane rides

I have flown enough times in my 20 + 10 years to know that long plane rides kinda suck and there are certain things you definitely need.

well, that I definitely need.

and since we are leaving for California on Saturday, I thought I'd share with you what I wear when traveling and what I have in my carry-on!

  1. I always make sure I am wearing comfy pants- black leggings or jeggings are an easy way to be comfortable but not look sloppy.
  2. I don't know about you but my feet ALWAYS get cold on planes- so warm cozy socks are a must. As are shoes that are easy to get on and off so going through security isn't as big of a pain in the butt....
  3. LAYERS are my friend. Am I hot? Am I cold? You just never know with me- so a cozy wrap sweater over a soft t-shirt is a simple way to go. And, this may be TMI but I rock a comfy bra as well- Gap body bras are my friends. My comfy stretchy yet supportive friends.
  4. I might not start off the flight wearing a hat but, but by the end of a long flight my hair isn't all that glamorous so I always toss a hat in the carry-on to avoid plane-hair. Big sunglasses are needed if we took a red eye...plus, not gonna lie, they kind of make me feel all Hollywood.
  5. Hair elastics are a no brainer.
  6. The chunky scarf is always a good idea because it can be used to keep you warm, or bunched up as a little extra pillow!
  7. My carry-on bag is always big enough to carry my purse (btw, I hate the word purse. yuck. sounds so old lady), some snacks, a bottle of water, hand lotion/sanitizer (dry hands and germs...ew) my ipad and kindle (sick, I know) and some trashy magazines.

pretty simple stuff, yet covers all the bases. 
What do you travel with?


Emily said...

This list rocks! I love the scarf idea. Why do I always feel like I am half a disaster when I get onto planes? I'm taking notes from you on this... Also? SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

Alivia said...

I travel with friends :)