The day-after-my-half-etsy-monday

so, I don't know what you did today-
but I ran 13.11 miles. 
in the rain. 
the pouring rain.
the pouring rain and 53 degree air.
it rained exactly like LAST year's half marathon, except it was about 7 degrees warmer.
still, ugh.
I did beat my time, however. We haven't gotten official results yet, but I think my time was 2 hours and 3 minutes.
basically, I ran faster (even though I've had knee issues this year) because the rain was miserable and I had a cinnamon bun waiting for me at home.

anyway, I knew I'd be tired and sloth like so I prepared most of this post earlier. Sometimes I am smart!

Last week we had book club (i am in an amazing B.C. by the way, and I don't care how dorky that sounds) and one of the girls told me she reads my blog and loves Etsy Monday. 
let me tell you, that just MADE my day.
here is some proof that my book club rocks:

all the ladies in B.C. are amazing hostesses and cooks- i mean LOOK at this spread above- that is mini mac and cheese, mulled cider and a spread of cake, cheese, soup. I know.

this Etsy Monday is for YOU Ms. Donna- enjoy the scarf theme!

love the soft colors and paisley print


arrow print



Mel said...

I think I just fell in love with your new header. Cats always get my heart, and you have a cat with a monocle. It is a step above the best and I salute you for the choice!

B said...


OMG i used to be in a BC. SO fun! I miss that :( i need some new BC friends.

Anonymous said...

ummm I love them all & our book club :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous aka donna haha!

Prints & Needles said...

thanks for featuring my arrow print circle scarf! :)
-Natalie, Prints + Needles