something sappy for your Friday

I saw parts of this video on GMA this morning.
and as soon as I got to work, had to look up and watch the whole thing.
and then I was crying in my office.
and everyone thinks I'm crazy.
but I DARE you not to tear up watching this!!!

Probably one of the sweetest most creative proposals I've EVER seen (except mine of course, that was the best).
but I digress.
Clearly this couple is over the moon for one another.
Check it out and happy Friday!

ps make sure you have tissues ready!


Jodi said...

Wow. Amazing. What a sweet ans special thing he did!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet and cute! I love your posts. ^-^

B said...

i saw this on GMA too! love it! i watched the whole video at work at was crying at my desk haha

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Oh my goodness, I was okay until the video messages and then it just went downhill! Thanks for sharing :)