Hurricane aftermath and wedding dress wrap

Good morning from cloudy Maine post Sandy.
Watching the news makes me so sad- so many parts of New England were just trashed and are still under water. 
Maine wasn't hit as hard- we did lose power for a little while and our yard does look like trees exploded, but other than that- all is fine here.
If you're in any of the states that Sandy smashed, my thoughts are with you!!!

So, I found my wedding dress.
and it is wonderful and beautiful and everything I wanted.
but let me tell you, wedding dress shopping isn't what I thought it would be. At all.

My first destination for wedding dress fashion was David's Bridal. I was told by several people that it was a good place to start, get a rough idea of what is out there, what styles I would like, etc. Unfortunately it was a tad overwhelming. 
LOTS of people.
Not a lot of space.
Florescent lights.
Dresses that came only in size 2.

I felt....terrible. 
I didn't feel like a bride or fancy enough to be in the dresses. 
You know how everyone says when you find 'the dress' you'll just know? Yeah well, I just assumed after my DB experience that I wasn't going to be one of those people. 

But then I went to Andrea's Bridal in Portland. And there, they listen to you. They show you dresses in your budget. They bring you and your guests to a private area with seating and bottled water. They give you a fantastic corset bra that slims and lifts everything. They help you get into the dresses! It was just the most perfect experience. And where I found my dress. THE dress. the dress that makes me feel like a bride. the dress that makes me feel pretty!

Of course, my mom insisted that we go to other shops- where I had similar DB experiences and learned that when you find the one, you find the one. 
go with your gut.
and so, that is how I ended up with one stunner of a dress. 

you want to know what it looks like?
sorry, my lips are sealed:)


Jacki said...

Yay! I'm so glad you went to Andrea's and they made the dress shopping experience how it SHOULD be. They're fabulous. As are you, and that dress!! :)

Legally Lovely said...

You found your wedding dress!! That is fantastic. I recently went wedding dress shopping with my close friend. We started at David's Bridal. I would have had a PANIC ATTACK if I was the bride. That place is nuts!! Not personal, super packed, and all those bells ringing when people find dresses. We ended up leaving and she found a dress at a boutique too.

Hope you eventually post pictures of it! I love seeing all the wedding things on blogs! (and I'm nosey and want to see the dress, of course) : )