first dance

When it comes to planning this wedding- I am finding it funny the things I focus on.
I haven't even tried on a single dress yet- BUT have the photographer locked in.
Don't have a caterer, but the band is all signed up and ready to go!
and so, I'm not surprised that now my focus is on our first dance song.

Over the past several weeks- I've given pandora and spotify a real workout.
I've googled lyrics.
I've ruled out songs (even my favorites) because they don't quite feel right.

anyone that knows me shouldn't be surprised by this.
I am the kid that in jr high (and high school) would spend HOURS upon hours making mix tapes for people I cared about. Making sure the songs said what I needed to say. Making sure they were placed in the right order to perfectly compliment each other. I'd tediously clip words/pictures from magazines and make a collage for the front case- given whoever the tape was intended for a taste of what was to come.

so now here I am.
trying to choose a song for what may be the most special dance.
and it means so much to me.

for awhile I was stuck on "the Best Thing"- Ray Lamontange because I really feel for Jeff what Ray sings.
but now I feel like it is overdone.
and I don't necessarily need to be SUPER original- like, it is the first time all of my guests have ever heard this song played before as a first dance song....
because that isn't what it is about, but I really really really REALLY want the song to fit us.

and without being too cheesy (although my friends know that I am in fact a huge cheeseball and often make retching noises when I talk about Jeff or when they see his name in my phone as 'Jeff my Love'-- can I just say though that WAS not my doing? -- no? ok)
I love this guy.
like, I'm happy to see him all the time, still find him hilarious, still get swoony around him.
he brings out the best in me.
he keeps me grounded with how laid back he is.
his laugh is infections and I adore it.
we are a goofy, lovey, dorky couple.

SO where is the song that conveys this?
any thoughts?
I'll happily take suggestions.
But for now, my search continues!


Katrina said...

The Best Thing was our first dance song. It's been two years and I've still never heard of anyone else using it, so I reject your claim of it being overdone. ;)

Seriously though. Not knowing you personally I don't really have any suggestions, just this bit of advice: if it feels right - whatever the song is - who cares if it's been done before? You know how you feel about each other, and when you find a song that speaks to that, just go with it.

Finally- I can't remember if I've commented before or if I just read creepily without saying anything. Either way, hello! You and your fiance are getting married the same day as my brother. Cool!

Legally Lovely said...

oooh. This sounds hard! As someone who has never picked out a wedding song and probably won't be for some time, I don't have any awesome advice. I've always thought though that if someone wanted an upbeat, quirky, first dance song that "Young and Dumb and In Love" by Mat Kearney would be fun. Good luck! I'm sure you'll find something perfect for you both!

Alivia said...

How about a cover of the song? Or if you can't decide on one between like three, you could have one playing when you walk in, one when you dance, one when you cut the cake, etc. That way you don't have to choose! Just make a playlist and then rearrange.
P.S. If you need bridesmaid help, we should plan a date for you to come over and I can help with things!

Empirically Erin said...

My sister had The Best Thing as her wedding song, but I also haven't heard of anyone else who used it. Most people don't even know it when I've played it before. It's such a great song!!

Nadine said...

This post is so adorable. I feel like it would be so difficult to pick out a song that properly conveys how you feel about each other. All the songs I love that I think would be good for me and my guy (who aren't getting married any time soon anyway) are country songs. And he hates country. So the words are right but the sound is wrong. Music is such a challenge! I have complete confidence you'll find the perfect song. Go with the goofy!

Lindsay said...

Our song was Tim McGraw's My Best Friend. I was listening to my ipod one day and that came on and even though I had heard it a million times, I knew it was the perfect song for us. Good luck on finding your perfect song. It will come to you!

Serena said...

Our first dance song was Brett Dennen's "I will be the one that loves you the most" and it took us forever to find it! We spent hours like you are googling lyrics, but when we found it, we knew!

(The Best Thing was a contender for awhile, as was Little Joy's "Brand New Start"}

Anonymous said...

If you haven't heard it, listen to "You Make It Real" by James Morrison. It sounds like it would fit you guys!