a list of things because I can't type cohearent paragraphs

--we had an earthquake last night. Yeah yeah people from Cali, I know you get them daily and I know a 4 on the earthquake scale is minute, but we DON'T get them in Maine and because of the rock ledge in the ground beneath us, earthquakes here feel different. Therefore, It was strange. I wasn't aware that they actually make noise. I thought our washing machine was exploding or the cat was doing something very naughty. 

--i found my wedding dress. i love it.

--if you don't watch Homeland, I suggest you drop what you are doing RIGHT now and go watch that shiz. It stresses me out. I yell at the tv. Claire Danes is AMAZING.

--i have over 1000 followers on Pinterest. What the what?! I can't even get 100 followers on my blog but Pinterest? le sigh.

--eating healthier has been the trend lately in my house and it is great. Jeff is on board (finally!) and we are all about local, organic produce and meats. I'm also trying to trick the guy into eating less meat and so far it is working. I made this soup last week with some great crusty whole wheat bread and it was AMAZING. You'd never know it was low in calories and fat. Plus it was super easy.

--I am an aunt! Jeff's brother and his wife Liz had their baby last Wednesday on 10/11/12 (how cool is that?). Baby Ila is just the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. Can't wait to go to Cali and meet her!

--Finished reading "The Fault in Our Stars" earlier this week and lemme just tell you- this book will make you cry. Not just cry, sob. Loved it. It wasn't cheesy, it was real. Read it!

--This weekend we are going to Keene, New Hampshire for Pumpkin Fest and to hike. I need to come up with something good to carve into my pumpkin. Ideas anyone? Last year I just did all stars. It wasn't that exciting. But definitely more exciting then that one year Emily carved 3 triangles into her pumpkin.

--Last night I had a dream that my cat turned into a unicorn. I was pretty sad when I discovered that wasn't true this morning*.

--Why is dark chocolate and sea salt the best combination of flavor in the whole word?

--Another question for you- why is it SO expensive to rent dishes? And why can't someone just give me 150 plates? and while we're on this topic, why does Jeff laugh every time I try to get him to discuss our wedding budget?

--Did you know that pine nuts legit come from pine trees? You did? Why didn't I?

*no, I don't smoke crack.

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B said...

i don't have the mental energy to comment on each and every one of these glorious statements. so i will just leave you with this...

this made me happy. you are amazing. ill follow you 1000 times. the. end.