Hurricane aftermath and wedding dress wrap

Good morning from cloudy Maine post Sandy.
Watching the news makes me so sad- so many parts of New England were just trashed and are still under water. 
Maine wasn't hit as hard- we did lose power for a little while and our yard does look like trees exploded, but other than that- all is fine here.
If you're in any of the states that Sandy smashed, my thoughts are with you!!!

So, I found my wedding dress.
and it is wonderful and beautiful and everything I wanted.
but let me tell you, wedding dress shopping isn't what I thought it would be. At all.

My first destination for wedding dress fashion was David's Bridal. I was told by several people that it was a good place to start, get a rough idea of what is out there, what styles I would like, etc. Unfortunately it was a tad overwhelming. 
LOTS of people.
Not a lot of space.
Florescent lights.
Dresses that came only in size 2.

I felt....terrible. 
I didn't feel like a bride or fancy enough to be in the dresses. 
You know how everyone says when you find 'the dress' you'll just know? Yeah well, I just assumed after my DB experience that I wasn't going to be one of those people. 

But then I went to Andrea's Bridal in Portland. And there, they listen to you. They show you dresses in your budget. They bring you and your guests to a private area with seating and bottled water. They give you a fantastic corset bra that slims and lifts everything. They help you get into the dresses! It was just the most perfect experience. And where I found my dress. THE dress. the dress that makes me feel like a bride. the dress that makes me feel pretty!

Of course, my mom insisted that we go to other shops- where I had similar DB experiences and learned that when you find the one, you find the one. 
go with your gut.
and so, that is how I ended up with one stunner of a dress. 

you want to know what it looks like?
sorry, my lips are sealed:)


Pumpkin Crazy Weekend

yes, that is a real pumpkin on this man's head.

my pumpkin!

view from top of Mt. Monadnock

all mine, ladies.

This past weekend, we jumped in the car and headed to Keene, New Hampshire to meet up with some friends for Pumpkin Fest 2012.
On the way there, we also rescued a dog.
Well, not "rescued" per say, but we were driving along route 101 (which is windy) and all of the sudden cars were swerving all over the place and slowing down. We noticed it was because there was a dog running in the road! Poor guy! So, I SCREAMED for Jeff to pull over- and as he was doing so, I lept out of the moving vehicle and threw myself into traffic to stop the cars (seriously those a-holes weren't even pulling over or anything- just kept driving!). I some how managed to grab the dog by the collar and dragged him to the side of the road where we both stood trembling waiting for Jeff to park the car.
He didn't have a name on his tag- but there was a vet number, so we called the vet, told them what the dog's rabies ID number was and they told us his name is Charlie and they called his owners (who lived right up the street) and they came frantically to get Mr. Charlie, who had escaped his electric fence.
Pat us on the back for our good deed!

We made it to Keene.
We drank mimosas as we carved pumpkins.
we walked around the festival and admired pumpkin splendor.
we drank afternoon beers.
we played games.

Sunday, we hiked Mt. Monadnock- a fabulously long hike. 3 days later and I still can't walk. I blame my short legs for the soreness.

bt dubs, I LOVE carving pumpkins. I fully intend to carve more this weekend.

Did y'all carve any yet?!


engagement snaps

as I have mentioned on here, Jeff and I had engagement photos done.
now- I fully find engagement photos cheesy and silly.
however, i wanted some nicer pics of us for our wedding website AND my parents are super old fashion and want to do an engagement announcment in the paper.
therefore, engagement photos were needed.
oh yeah, and I wanted them for our STDs (hehe).

My sister-in-law's father graciously offered his talents as a gift and snapped our pictures on a beautiful fall day in Maine.
Here are a few of my favorites:


a list of things because I can't type cohearent paragraphs

--we had an earthquake last night. Yeah yeah people from Cali, I know you get them daily and I know a 4 on the earthquake scale is minute, but we DON'T get them in Maine and because of the rock ledge in the ground beneath us, earthquakes here feel different. Therefore, It was strange. I wasn't aware that they actually make noise. I thought our washing machine was exploding or the cat was doing something very naughty. 

--i found my wedding dress. i love it.

--if you don't watch Homeland, I suggest you drop what you are doing RIGHT now and go watch that shiz. It stresses me out. I yell at the tv. Claire Danes is AMAZING.

--i have over 1000 followers on Pinterest. What the what?! I can't even get 100 followers on my blog but Pinterest? le sigh.

--eating healthier has been the trend lately in my house and it is great. Jeff is on board (finally!) and we are all about local, organic produce and meats. I'm also trying to trick the guy into eating less meat and so far it is working. I made this soup last week with some great crusty whole wheat bread and it was AMAZING. You'd never know it was low in calories and fat. Plus it was super easy.

--I am an aunt! Jeff's brother and his wife Liz had their baby last Wednesday on 10/11/12 (how cool is that?). Baby Ila is just the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. Can't wait to go to Cali and meet her!

--Finished reading "The Fault in Our Stars" earlier this week and lemme just tell you- this book will make you cry. Not just cry, sob. Loved it. It wasn't cheesy, it was real. Read it!

--This weekend we are going to Keene, New Hampshire for Pumpkin Fest and to hike. I need to come up with something good to carve into my pumpkin. Ideas anyone? Last year I just did all stars. It wasn't that exciting. But definitely more exciting then that one year Emily carved 3 triangles into her pumpkin.

--Last night I had a dream that my cat turned into a unicorn. I was pretty sad when I discovered that wasn't true this morning*.

--Why is dark chocolate and sea salt the best combination of flavor in the whole word?

--Another question for you- why is it SO expensive to rent dishes? And why can't someone just give me 150 plates? and while we're on this topic, why does Jeff laugh every time I try to get him to discuss our wedding budget?

--Did you know that pine nuts legit come from pine trees? You did? Why didn't I?

*no, I don't smoke crack.


I haven't posted all week and now I post on a Friday

what the what?
who posts on a Friday after taking serious blog vaca?
me, that is who.

busy week loves-
I had engagement photos done (cheesy, yes).
I worked.
I got up at 5am to go to the gym (ew.)
I talked to caterers.
I made delicious dinners.
I became an aunt (yay Dave & Liz and new baby Ila!)
and sadly, Jeff's grandma passed away.

I am tired.

but i love you all the same
and I'm trying on wedding dresses tomorrow
and I am a rando rambler.

(i got 2 hours of sleep last night soooo...)

have a happy weekend!


something sappy for your Friday

I saw parts of this video on GMA this morning.
and as soon as I got to work, had to look up and watch the whole thing.
and then I was crying in my office.
and everyone thinks I'm crazy.
but I DARE you not to tear up watching this!!!

Probably one of the sweetest most creative proposals I've EVER seen (except mine of course, that was the best).
but I digress.
Clearly this couple is over the moon for one another.
Check it out and happy Friday!

ps make sure you have tissues ready!


first dance

When it comes to planning this wedding- I am finding it funny the things I focus on.
I haven't even tried on a single dress yet- BUT have the photographer locked in.
Don't have a caterer, but the band is all signed up and ready to go!
and so, I'm not surprised that now my focus is on our first dance song.

Over the past several weeks- I've given pandora and spotify a real workout.
I've googled lyrics.
I've ruled out songs (even my favorites) because they don't quite feel right.

anyone that knows me shouldn't be surprised by this.
I am the kid that in jr high (and high school) would spend HOURS upon hours making mix tapes for people I cared about. Making sure the songs said what I needed to say. Making sure they were placed in the right order to perfectly compliment each other. I'd tediously clip words/pictures from magazines and make a collage for the front case- given whoever the tape was intended for a taste of what was to come.

so now here I am.
trying to choose a song for what may be the most special dance.
and it means so much to me.

for awhile I was stuck on "the Best Thing"- Ray Lamontange because I really feel for Jeff what Ray sings.
but now I feel like it is overdone.
and I don't necessarily need to be SUPER original- like, it is the first time all of my guests have ever heard this song played before as a first dance song....
because that isn't what it is about, but I really really really REALLY want the song to fit us.

and without being too cheesy (although my friends know that I am in fact a huge cheeseball and often make retching noises when I talk about Jeff or when they see his name in my phone as 'Jeff my Love'-- can I just say though that WAS not my doing? -- no? ok)
I love this guy.
like, I'm happy to see him all the time, still find him hilarious, still get swoony around him.
he brings out the best in me.
he keeps me grounded with how laid back he is.
his laugh is infections and I adore it.
we are a goofy, lovey, dorky couple.

SO where is the song that conveys this?
any thoughts?
I'll happily take suggestions.
But for now, my search continues!


The day-after-my-half-etsy-monday

so, I don't know what you did today-
but I ran 13.11 miles. 
in the rain. 
the pouring rain.
the pouring rain and 53 degree air.
it rained exactly like LAST year's half marathon, except it was about 7 degrees warmer.
still, ugh.
I did beat my time, however. We haven't gotten official results yet, but I think my time was 2 hours and 3 minutes.
basically, I ran faster (even though I've had knee issues this year) because the rain was miserable and I had a cinnamon bun waiting for me at home.

anyway, I knew I'd be tired and sloth like so I prepared most of this post earlier. Sometimes I am smart!

Last week we had book club (i am in an amazing B.C. by the way, and I don't care how dorky that sounds) and one of the girls told me she reads my blog and loves Etsy Monday. 
let me tell you, that just MADE my day.
here is some proof that my book club rocks:

all the ladies in B.C. are amazing hostesses and cooks- i mean LOOK at this spread above- that is mini mac and cheese, mulled cider and a spread of cake, cheese, soup. I know.

this Etsy Monday is for YOU Ms. Donna- enjoy the scarf theme!

love the soft colors and paisley print


arrow print