letting go

a few days ago, as the calendar flipped from August to September, the air got that distinctive crispness that one associates with fall. no longer full of humidity, the breeze now carries the subtle scent of dried leaves, warm sweaters, old denim and cold.

i love fall. It is my favorite season- always has been.
but, for some reason, this year I am having a hard time letting go of summer.
the older I get, the more my distaste for winter grows.
the more I loath the sunless days, bitter nights and messy gross melting that follows in March.

and so, even though I know that September and October will be wonderful- I know that right behind them lurk the dreariest of days.
I don't want to let go of days on the boat, the smell of sunscreen and sand.
i can't imagine days without sunwarmed skin and strawberry stained lips.
the way a bottle of beer looks when it is 90 degrees outside, icy cold and perspiring.
I don't want to miss the farmer's market, or
saltwater dried in weird patterns on my legs
 or the rush that comes when you jump off the dock and your hot skin hits the cool water.
or the way the grass smells after it has been freshly cut.

i just can't let go.


Legally Lovely said...

I can't leave a sympathetic comment here. I am totally ready for summer to pack its bags - fall is best!

Maybe you just need a sunny vacay in the middle of winter? :)

Mel said...

I can relate completely. Fall is my absolute favorite, but this summer was amazing and everything you listed is what I'll miss. My recent move, though, has my longing for the fall.

Taylor said...

Somehow you have read my mind and worded this so eloquently. I feel the exact same way about the summer...there are beautiful things about the fall but the summer is like a warm festival that I never want to end.
Loving your blog, and now following you!! Ciao