I thought I would share with you

that right now, right this VERY minute- i am eating peanut butter out of the jar with a plastic knife.
at work.
at my desk.
with the space heater blasting on me.

I understand if you now want to unfollow my blog.


Lindsay said...

I love peanut butter straight out of the jar!

Anonymous said...

You underestimate your readers.
1. Peanut butter is awesome. I would offer you some apples or a banana to go with that peanut butter if your desk was closer
2. You changed your layout or am I imagining things? (It looks lovely, regardless)
3. Back to the peanut butter: dude, eating it out of the jar makes the whole post more badass. How can I unsubscribe from such badassery? I need that in my life, yo.
Gangsta (not even remotely),

B said...

i think we might actually be the same person.

Nadine said...

Haha I think I like you even more now. I generally opt for a spoon but, whatever works.

Lexi said...

This post makes me like you SO much more. Though I was already obsessed.