Hi Monday

Hi Monday.
Hi friends.
I think maybe I'll be more regular, now that the crispness in the air has me diving under blankets and burrowing on the couch with tea.
no, not that kind of regular!!!
regular at blogging.
duh, sickos.

This morning it definitely felt like fall- and this morning I was HAPPY about it. I think I finally let go of my summer-is-over-blues. Sunday was spent running 11.5 miles (1/2 marathon is only a few weeks away) and then lazily watching football* on the couch with magazines and books. Sundays are my favorite days in the fall.

and in honor of fall, here are my loves on etsy- please feel free to purchase any of the below and send them my way. j/k (kinda..).

Chunky scarf with leather belt buckle detail

slouchy hat (ignore creepy manikin)

long mittens!

wrapped fox t-shirt. I need this. a lot.

fabulous lightweight cozy jacket

*by watching I mean napping.


Alivia said...

Ah, I love "watching" football on Sundays :) one of my favorite things ever.

Legally Lovely said...

Ooooooh. Look at all those chunky knits! Looks like someone needs to take up knitting. (Seriously -- it's so relaxing and you get to make awesome stuff that you can bundle up in. DO IT.)

Empirically Erin said...

Love your picks! They are very cute. I love slouchy hats but they never look good on me...more power to those who can pull them off!