Have I yet mentioned?

well first off, happy Friday.

Second, I'm planning a wedding.
I know I don't mention it often here- for awhile I felt sort of overwhelmed and lots of other blogs I read have either had a) expensive weddings b) wedding planners c) no worries whatsoever when it comes to their wedding planning and $ that goes with it.
and that made me feel....very protective of my wedding.
because, know this: Jeff and I are paying for most of the weddding ourselves. it isn't going to be some huge fancy shindig.
what it will be is FUN and full of love and laughs.
I just hate the thought of people judging our day. know what I mean?

but I want to share a little bit- not to the point where you guys are like "omg Nicole- get over yourself and your wedding...boooring", but just enough that you get the feel for what it will be like AND give me your opinions on things that I can't decide.

make sense?

One major issue that has been happening the past several weeks the date and location of our wedding- you see, we have a date, September 21st 2013 (one year from TODAY) and a location, Camp Mataponi on Sebego Lake (google Camp Mataponi weddings and you'll see why we fell in love with it..) and all was (is) well and good. The camp is amazing because not only is it quaint and lovely with a gorgeous building for our reception- but there are cabins on the property for guests to stay in- each with bathrooms and electricity! It is a one stop party shop!

BUT THEN my mother.
she pointed out that the cabins don't have heat.
and my wedding is September 21st.
in Maine.

so I freaked out- because sometimes in Maine September is lovely and in the 70's. and sometimes it can get cold. Like this week for example, some nights have been down in the low 40's.
and I cried.
and felt like we made a HUGE mistake going with our hearts on this place.
but then my wonderful fiance, who seriously can calm me down in any crisis just by looking at me and laughing (the only one who can get away with this technique I might add), sat me down and explained that our friends and family who grace us at this wedding won't freeze to death. That they will be smart enough to bring warm clothes and sleeping bags. That we can't control the weather and maybe it will be warm next year. That even if it IS cold, it will be fine. That I shouldn't give up my wish to have a fall wedding simply because it 'might be' cold.

He even suggested we give out electric blankets as a wedding favor.
well, actually he said: "what if we get an electric blanket for each cabin. Then that night we can have a jousting tournament for each cabin and whoever wins gets the blanket! BOOM! problem solved!"

that, ladies and gents is why I love him.

SO- we are sticking with our hearts- and the wedding WILL be on September 21st, 2013 at Camp Mataponi on Sebego Lake.

stay tuned, I'll be sharing rando details about our day over the next year. tell me if I get annoying!

our color scheme!


Alivia said...



B said...

i judge weddings that are over the top and loose sight of the point. the point is the marriage and the bond. you two have that. nothing else to judge!

your wedding will be amazing and filled with love.

i have little space heaters (and im sure a lot of people do) if it is cold and theres electricity, people could bring those too. or their own electric blanket (i have 2 myslef!) :)

B said...

and yes i have multiple space heaters and electric blankets even tho ive lived in SoCal for pretty much my whole life! cold is all relative!

Empirically Erin said...

That's part of the fun of a wedding in Maine! You never know what the weather will be. It was over 90 at mine and people were sweating, but guess what, they had fun anyways because they were in Maine and celebrating a really important day. I absolutely love your fiance's idea though!

Jodi said...

I think smaller scaled/lower key weddings are wonderful! So don't feel like you can't share just b/c your wedding may be different than other bloggers. I'm sure it will be beautiful and perfect for you. I think the lake will be fine too. Just tell people to pack extra blankets if it is cold. And serve lots of wine so they will have a nice buzz when they go to bed! Ha!

Erin D. said...

Dave and I paid for our wedding ourselves and I thought it was great (some other people thought so too). We tried to spend the majority of our money on what was most important to us: food & location.

I wouldn't worry about the temp, people will be dancing so much that even if it was chilly, no one would complain.

CONGRATS on your engagement!