blogging is so much easier in the winter than in the summer- at least for me.
this is Jeff and I at the wedding we were at this past weekend:

isn't he the most handsome guy in the world?

as you can see, I rocked the shorter striped dress. it was so so so hot at this wedding that I was thanking my lucky stars the RTR dress didn't fit- I would have melted. we danced like fools and by the end of the night by hair was a sweaty wet gross mess.
lots of fun at this wedding- got to spend time with such fun people I love:

we were the cool kids.

and now, weddings that we are attending are over and we can focus on our own for a change.

AND this weekend I can:
  • do nothing
  • drink coffee
  • go to the farmer's market
  • sleep
  • read
  • paint the spare room
  • train for the 1/2
  • drink more coffee
  • play with cali
  • go to the beach
  • nap
  • whatever. i. want
oh it is a glorious thing to have no plans.

I was going to do a list of things I love on etsy but will save that for Monday when I'm refreshed and it will force me to get back in the normal swing of things, blogging wise. thanks for all your sweet comments- and even if I don't reply, doesn't mean I don't love you!

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BeaumontGirl said...

haha love this. I'm glad I found your blog :) Following you!