that time I took a random blog break

I know I sort of disapeared last week and I know I've been randomly doing that all summer- but I guess my excuse is...it is summer!
I lose myself in the days.
and also i feel like a 'boring' blogger lately.
I mean, I am sure you guys could care LESS what I ate for dinner...

so i sort of reevaluated and am still in that process- trying to figure out what i want this blog to 'be' or if it needs to BE anything other than a place where I share.

i don't think that is what I want- but like most things, this blog seems to have a mind of its own. 

as the summer is winding down (so SAD about that btw) I think blogging will start to feel more natural again- less forced. and i think my blog needs a face lift.

and i know i've said this before but i'll say it again- thanks for your sweet comments. i read them and love them all. AND even though I may be silent, I read your words, too!!!

hope you all had lovely weekends- mine was full of sunshine, saltwater and oysters. basically, it was delicious.



I'm a runner.

the other day I was at the doctor's office for a checkup and she asked what I do for exercise.
I told her that I run 4-6 days a week- sometimes every day.
She then said, "oh, so you're a runner!"
My first reaction was to correct her and say, "no no, not a runner- just like to run!"

I don't understand why I didn't think of myself as a "runner". I mean, I lace up almost on a daily basis, have run road races and half marathons, and I still didn't identify as a runner.

I AM a runner though.
Yeah so I don't do 8 minute miles.
and yeah, so my running attire isn't always posh or stylish.
my form isn't perfect.
I am far from competitive.

but I run,
and because I run and I like it and it helps keep me sane,
I think it is finally time for me to admit that I am, in fact, a runner.

it is my thing. it is what I do.
it is something that my body craves if I go more than 2 days without it.
it is a stress release.
a mood lifter.
me time.

I am a runner!

I guess I've learned that to call yourself something- be it a dancer, yogi, ball player, rower- whatever it may be, you don't need to be perfect at it, or the best. You just need to need it. to love it. to enjoy spending time in the day doing it.

so in case you're like me, and you're afraid to call yourself a runner (or whatever it is you do), let go and just be!


Fall colors

It is hard for me to imagine fall is right around the corner, especially when humidity levels have been close to 100% and the days are sticky/sunny/messes. But, even with the heat in the air, I can sense fall creeping in. and when it does, I know I'll retire my affair with pops of neon on my person and instead replace hot pink and bright yellow for the more sophisticated jewel tones that are catching my eye.


Much like neon adds the perfect punch to my summer attire- I know against my fairly bland collection of skinny black pants and cream colored sweaters, these bright accessories will wake up any old outfit. AND jewel tones are waaaay more work appropriate.

besides jewel tones, I also feel myself being drawn towards soft shades of gray, caramel and anything striped.

as much as I'll miss summer- I can't WAIT for the cooler days and layering that comes with it.


long lost Etsy Monday

It has been awhile since I've posted about what I am wanting on Etsy- not that I haven't been looking- but the business of summer has prevented me from writing a blog post of any substance.
First to go? Etsy Monday.

Well, this weekend was glorious and allowed me to catch up on all things human and required in my life- like sleep, coffee, being lazy with Jeff...

and blog!

oh, and I made a lampshade:

btw, that is a Forever 21 shirt ($5.99).

I would have done a tutorial....but all I did was randomly sew it in places around the frame.


not so sure what is up with the weird pose but I like the necklace.


silk lined bird clutch

salt cellar



Happy Friday.

I got pulled over on the way to work this morning.

Not for speeding- but for an inspection sticker.


I'm going to eat a cinnamon roll and wallow now.



blogging is so much easier in the winter than in the summer- at least for me.
this is Jeff and I at the wedding we were at this past weekend:

isn't he the most handsome guy in the world?

as you can see, I rocked the shorter striped dress. it was so so so hot at this wedding that I was thanking my lucky stars the RTR dress didn't fit- I would have melted. we danced like fools and by the end of the night by hair was a sweaty wet gross mess.
lots of fun at this wedding- got to spend time with such fun people I love:

we were the cool kids.

and now, weddings that we are attending are over and we can focus on our own for a change.

AND this weekend I can:
  • do nothing
  • drink coffee
  • go to the farmer's market
  • sleep
  • read
  • paint the spare room
  • train for the 1/2
  • drink more coffee
  • play with cali
  • go to the beach
  • nap
  • whatever. i. want
oh it is a glorious thing to have no plans.

I was going to do a list of things I love on etsy but will save that for Monday when I'm refreshed and it will force me to get back in the normal swing of things, blogging wise. thanks for all your sweet comments- and even if I don't reply, doesn't mean I don't love you!


bee porn and a dress

I bet THAT got your attention.
well folks, it is Friday- I leave momentarily for Connecticut to attend a wedding. It is one of Jeff's bffs from college- who is marrying a girl he also went to school with. 
Most of you know this because you helped me pick a dress (that I didn't pick) from RTR. Maybe it is karma or something that I didn't go with the dress voted, because the dress I ordered was too big for me so I need to send it back. they send two sizes but the smaller of the two was just too long and loose. damn my shorty legs.

(thanks jeff for cutting off my head)

So you can't really tell here but there is about 2 inches of fabric dragging on the floor. DANG. 

I am now wearing this:

which, considering it is going to be 800 degrees this weekend, maybe this was a blessing in disguise that I am ending up wearing a short dress.

ok enough about my wardrobe. who gives a tiny rats tootie!

I leave you with this video of bees seemingly having sex that I maturely videotaped during our camping trip. Narrated by Jeff. My apologies if this offends you in any way. but if you read my blog, it probably won't.


take a walk with me

i know I write about Portland a lot. I know I talk about Maine a lot.
what can I say? I am lucky enough to love where I live.
i am also lucky enough to work right in the heart of Portland. So, when I go out at lunch to grab a sandwich, I get to walk around some really cool areas/streets.

when you walk down Exchange street in Portland, you are surrounded by people- both tourist and locals. almost always (when the weather is nice) there are a few 'musicians' lining the street, guitar cases open for change, strumming away to their own melodies, singing loudly into the humid air. coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques cluster, doors open to invite customers- air conditioners are a rarity in these parts. if you take a deep breath and your nose will catch the not-so-subtle scents of lobster bait, coffee, popcorn and grilled meat. Sounds gross, but somehow works. when the wind hits just right, the air smells hoppy- courtesy of Shipyard and their wonderful brewery.

from most streets downtown, you can hear the water- not 'waves' per say, but boats, horns, seagulls...all sounds that you can imagine would happen on a busy fishing harbor.

i think i just continue to fall in love with this city, and today on my walk to work (from my parking lot, many a block away) i just kept thinking about it. maybe i'd be like this about any city i lived in, but i don't think so. There is something just small and cozy and comforting about Portland.

Come visit me, won't you?