oh, hi.

oops- i've been gone so long.
and I am sorry- but I've been camping and getting really dirty feet. 
that happens when you camp you know. 
also, when you camp with a dog- your tent gets really gross and full of pine needles and your dog starts to look like an old sock.
pictures to come!

I'll post a real post tomorrow and tell you which dress won (thanks for voting, btw!) and also I think that when I get to 100 followers I'll do a cool giveaway. because 100 is cool and because I can.

missssed you, my bloggy lovahs!


Stephanie said...

Lol about a dog looking like an old sock! Hope camping was fun though!

Anonymous said...

Ah! You are back. I missed reading your blog, Nicole!

Dude, you went camping? I have never gone camping. It sounds very intimidating. What's it like? Do you get cold at night? How's the bug situation? Does it help you get more zen and bond with folks?

Eh, I get the dirty feet part, though. Welcome back, sweet lady.