I am a lying liar

Am I mean or what?
first I demand you guys vote on a dress for me to rent, telling you that I'll rent it no matter what...
and then I don't follow through.
Wow do I stink!

The dress that had the most votes was 7- and to be fair, it isn't available in my size this weekend. I could have gone with one of the runner ups- but instead picked a completely different dress.

this guy:

I'm a little nervous to rock a maxi dress to a wedding- but was in the market for something different. Also nervous b/c I'm having this delivered to the hotel that we are staying to make sure it gets to me on time. Hope it fits- cross your fingers or i'll be a wreck.

thanks for voting though- seriously. I am the queen of indecision and loved hearing your input!



B said...

LOVE this dress! i was just at a wedding and i saw a few maxi dresses. they looked beautiful! take lots of pics!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

I love this maxi and the fabric looks great, and the pleats are great. I think you made a great choice, can't wait to see how you style it :) xoxox

Katherines Corner said...

lovely dress. fingers crossed it arrives and is a perfect fit. Enjoy the wedding. Hugs