etsy mondizzle

I'm coming off of the most amazingly relaxing weekend- we spent the entire time out on the boat (Jeff's brother's (dad's?) boat). The boys did some work at the Marina pulling old rotten wooden boards down, building ramps, etc.   and I...well, I drank cold beers, laid in the sun, read tons of books and magazines and took naps. It was hard work being me this weekend. 

Don't hate me too much, the tops of my bubbies got a little sun burnt even though I had SPF 70 on. 

Anyway, on to the crazy things I'm loving lately on Etsy:

um, how cool is this???

Anthropologie is trying to sell something veeery similar to this for $50. 

creepy and I love it

this etsy store has the BEST running tanks

i do love me some squirrel.

mad lib wedding advice!


Nicole said...

I love the wedding mad libs! Take care of that sunburn girl!

Legally Lovely said...

I've seen something like that wedding mad lib on pinterest, but I think it was for an RSVP card. What a fun idea!

I can't believe anthro would charge that much for a bracelet like that! sheesh.

bonbon said...

oh I love the mad lib wedding advice idea! So cute! And yah, anthropolgie is ridiculous expensive sometimes. Still haven't been able to justify a purchase there. One day when I've got more money to spare, I guess. Just found your blog and I love it! I'm excited to follow along!

new follower :)