camping trip in iphotos

I thought I'd be able to post a real actual blog post today- but no suck luck. I will super try this weekend, but once again, we are hitting the road tonight and not back until Sunday. I can't even explain how much I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home (which I won't get to enjoy for a few more weeks...).

so, I leave you with this. Here are photos from my camping trip. iphone photos. high quality. enjoy!

lobster dog! She wasn't thrilled about this.

hiking near the ocean

i LOVE this picture because you can see her little tiny teeth and the gap in them! and it looks like she is saying "cheeeeese!"

first night sunset

old graveyard that I stumbled by on my morning run

yep, he hiked with that hat on.

great place for her to get the zoomies!

foggy day in the harbor

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celebrating national tequila day with a maine blueberry margarita!


Legally Lovely said...

That looks like so much fun! You have the most adorable dog. Love his little smile!

Stephanie said...

Your dog's smile = perfection :)

Also, I like the pose with the lobster cutout, very classy!

Meagan Murtagh said...

lobster dog is aweeesomeee

xo the egg out west.

B said...

i want your puppy! she is like a giant brussy!

...and I also want that marg...like now!