I am a lying liar

Am I mean or what?
first I demand you guys vote on a dress for me to rent, telling you that I'll rent it no matter what...
and then I don't follow through.
Wow do I stink!

The dress that had the most votes was 7- and to be fair, it isn't available in my size this weekend. I could have gone with one of the runner ups- but instead picked a completely different dress.

this guy:

I'm a little nervous to rock a maxi dress to a wedding- but was in the market for something different. Also nervous b/c I'm having this delivered to the hotel that we are staying to make sure it gets to me on time. Hope it fits- cross your fingers or i'll be a wreck.

thanks for voting though- seriously. I am the queen of indecision and loved hearing your input!



camping trip in iphotos

I thought I'd be able to post a real actual blog post today- but no suck luck. I will super try this weekend, but once again, we are hitting the road tonight and not back until Sunday. I can't even explain how much I am looking forward to a quiet weekend at home (which I won't get to enjoy for a few more weeks...).

so, I leave you with this. Here are photos from my camping trip. iphone photos. high quality. enjoy!

lobster dog! She wasn't thrilled about this.

hiking near the ocean

i LOVE this picture because you can see her little tiny teeth and the gap in them! and it looks like she is saying "cheeeeese!"

first night sunset

old graveyard that I stumbled by on my morning run

yep, he hiked with that hat on.

great place for her to get the zoomies!

foggy day in the harbor

Add caption

celebrating national tequila day with a maine blueberry margarita!


oh, hi.

oops- i've been gone so long.
and I am sorry- but I've been camping and getting really dirty feet. 
that happens when you camp you know. 
also, when you camp with a dog- your tent gets really gross and full of pine needles and your dog starts to look like an old sock.
pictures to come!

I'll post a real post tomorrow and tell you which dress won (thanks for voting, btw!) and also I think that when I get to 100 followers I'll do a cool giveaway. because 100 is cool and because I can.

missssed you, my bloggy lovahs!


vote vote voooooote

well hi, hello!
why are summers so busy? I always look forward to summer- but at the same time it feels like every single weekend is booked. I feel so behind in reading all the blogs I follow, house chores and life in general! 
the wedding we went to this past weekend was craaaaazy. first off, I felt super old. the couple getting married are only 21, so a lot of the guests there were either 21 or younger. and I forgot how 21 year olds drink/party. YEOW! Although, I will admit- even though I'm 30, Jeff and I definitely stole a golf cart (the reception was on a golf course) and took a short joy ride with a few others around the back 9. 
Course I forgot my camera so only have like...3 cell phone pictures- AND i never got my spray tan, which is a whole other story (grumblecustomerservicegrumble). PISSED- esp since my tan lines are redic.

putting the 'ass' in class right here.
Moving on, we have another wedding that we are going to August 4th- and Jeff is in it. I had a FABULOUS experience with Rent the Runway and want to rent again for this wedding. Problem is, I can't make up my freakin mind on what dress to rent. Part of me just wants to rent the same dress again b/c it was super comfy and airy and cool on the blistering hot day...but part of me wants to try something new. 

This is where YOU come in. I'm going to post pictures of the dresses I like- and you guys are going to vote on your favorite. Highest votes wins and no matter what, I'll rent THAT dress. Voting starts today and will end next Tuesday. To vote, just leave a comment! Easy peasy and totally will help my indecisive brain.  The wedding is outside at a country club in CT- so dress is cocktail but outside so a tad more casual...

Here are the choices:


a few things to keep in mind: I like dresses that conceal or camouflage the areas I am insecure about-- my stomach. My boobs aren't huge, either. I like my legs. TMI? Probably. Oh- and these dresses are all roughly in the same price point. Now VOTE!
or...tell me to rent the same dress I rented last time:

longest. post. ever.


I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.

Friday the 13th....OH the horror. Just kidding- I like the number 13 so this day does not unnerve me in the slightest.

I'm so pumped the weekend is finally here since it looks like it will be beautiful and we're going to a wedding and that means I get to DANCE. AND I rented a dress from Rent the Runway- which should be arriving today. For those of you who have no idea what RTR is- I suggest you go check it out immediately, for it is amazing. This is my first time renting so I'll let you know how it goes/if I liked the dress (maybe photos?) but I have a feeling I am going to be very very pleased. I have heard only great things about RTR and don't really see them letting me down.

What else.....oh yeah! I'm getting a spray tan today- like...a real one. Not the kind where you stand in a booth and some car-wash type machine sprays you, but one where a guy will meticulously paint my bod with an airbrush until I look like a suntropical magnificence. Yeah, one of those. You see, I am super serious about taking care of my skin so I'm not one of those girls who tan tans. My SPF is never lower than 30 and I have been known to dabble in the 50-70 SPF range. Skin cancer ain't no joke, people, and I don't think it is worth being 'tan'. Anyway I can't wait to see what this spray tan will look like- again, heard good things, so as long as I don't come out looking like an orange troll, all will be good.

so my friends, have a wonderful weekend. I expect next week I'll have more exciting things to write back.

In the meantime, I leave you with this:

fish with human teeth. that eats testicals. Happy friday the 13th!!!

ps: oh and I realized I'm sort of close to 100 followers! WOW. when I get there, let us do a fantastical giveaway, shall we?


It is still Monday so it counts

I'm sitting here, watching the Bachelorette, and just realized I haven't blogged in for freakin' ever. 
Yeah, I'm watching the Bach- don't judge.

You guys- I went paddle-boarding this weekend! Jeff and I were in Boston visiting friends and while he golfed, Katie and I decided to give paddle boarding a go and did 8 miles on The Charles! My legs are still sore and it was an amazing core workout. I was de-effing-termined not to fall in that sick water even though it was 90 degrees and I was sweating buckets. Between the duck poo and the floating bottles I was pretty sicked out- BUT the views were amazing and it was the neatest way to see the city. I highly recommend it and I can't wait to try it in the ocean.

On to Etsy- check out this weeks loves:


my handwriting

so my rad cousin, Alivia, posted a blog the other day featuring her handwriting! and even though bitch didn't tag me (just kidding, love you!), it looked like fun so here we go:

try it out and let me know if you do it- I've always loved fonts + handwriting, regardless of how terrible mine is. So go and make me jealous with your perfect handwriting!


etsy mondizzle

I'm coming off of the most amazingly relaxing weekend- we spent the entire time out on the boat (Jeff's brother's (dad's?) boat). The boys did some work at the Marina pulling old rotten wooden boards down, building ramps, etc.   and I...well, I drank cold beers, laid in the sun, read tons of books and magazines and took naps. It was hard work being me this weekend. 

Don't hate me too much, the tops of my bubbies got a little sun burnt even though I had SPF 70 on. 

Anyway, on to the crazy things I'm loving lately on Etsy:

um, how cool is this???

Anthropologie is trying to sell something veeery similar to this for $50. 

creepy and I love it

this etsy store has the BEST running tanks

i do love me some squirrel.

mad lib wedding advice!