girls...be nice.

lately I've been thinking about girls.
no, i'm not going all lesbian on you- 
what I mean is, I've been thinking about how women treat women. 
and I know I'm not tapping into some new and unexplored phenomenon...this topic has been written about time and time again.
and yet,
women still treat women like shiz. 

I read something recently where 100 random ladies where shown two photos and asked what their first thoughts were when they looked at the pictures.
the first was of a beautiful, fit, well dressed woman. 
you know what their first thoughts were?
"bitch"."snob"."stuck up"."cold"."rich". "slut".
the second photo was of an overweight woman in flip flops, sweats and her hair up.
first thoughts for this photo were:
"fat". "lazy". "ugly". "sloppy". "gross."

now, when I read this article, it is sad but I wasn't shocked.
Was I disgusted? Yep.
but surprised? Sadly, no.
I mean- how many times have you been out and seen a really hot girl walking around like she owns the place full of confidence and immediately become self conscious or thought something like "she must be a bitch!"????
sadly, I have done this before, I'll admit it...


Why do we do this? 
we know better. 
we know how hard it is to be a woman.
we KNOW how hard we are on ourselves- so why do we take it upon ourselves to judge and assume and label women we don't even know?

and thinking about how hard it must be as a teenager now? I mean, it was hard enough when I was in high school-- and now there is this whole other level with cyber bullying and text messages...etc. When I was in HS, we still passed folded paper notes...

the point of all of this is,
I'm going to try harder. 
I'm going to try and not be judgmental.
I'm not going to find pictures like the one above funny, cause its not.
I am going to respect my fellow lady.
I mean hell, being a girl is hard freakin' work--we are all amazingly wonderfully awesome- so let's respect that.
maybe then if we lead by example,
little girls will be kind to other little girls.
so, I'm asking you all my beautiful blog readers and friends (and trust me, I know you are ALL kind hearted souls) to stop the cycle. if you hear a mean/harsh comment woman to woman, speak up.
we know we rock.
so let's treat one another like the fabulous sexy beasts we are.



Legally Lovely said...

This is a great post! Last month's issue of Glamour had a big article about how women treat each other based on weight and appearance. I know I'm guilty of it, because I think society has kind of trained us to be that way, but I'm trying to be better!

Emily said...

YOU are beautiful and kind and one of the least judgmental people I know. I love this post and I love you.

Kiersten said...

I completely agree! I've caught myself being judgmental of people I don't even know WAY too often lately, and I need to stop. It's not like it makes anything about me or my life any better - it's just unattractive and mean.
Great post!
<3 Kiersten

Alissa said...

In my experience it's all boiled down to men. I would never make a comment about another girl if she didn't have something to do with a guy I like/liked or date/dated.

My sister-in-law's sister does not like me. She made it clear. However, she made it clear 3 years before my brother married her sister (and before they dated).

She's still a nasty bitch to me, but I always smile and say hello.

Life is too short, ya know?

Great post!

Shannon said...

100% agree!!

Great post!! :) :)

You rock, lady friend!

B said...

you are awesome! i love this. it is SOOO true. I def catch myself doing this from time to time and i DEF hear others doing it. Time to focus in because you are right, being a woman is hard work and we need to stick together!

Mel said...

Such a good post. I will definitely join this stand. It is terrible how we women treat each other and I can't say that I'm 100% innocent either. I will try to end the cycle and encourage the ladies in my life to do so, also. Thanks for the kick-off!

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with you, Nicole; girls can be totally mean to each other and it tends to be an automatic, knee-jerk reaction almost for some girls. It's okay for us like each and support each. Have you checked out Jenna Marbles' video on the topic? It raises some interesting points. Love your blog.

alex said...

Sometimes I wonder the same thing. Guys are so nice to each other, compared to girls I mean. It's sad, but that's how society has made us. I do it too, I can't help but think something along those lines whenever I see someone. I judge people at first sight, fortunately that first impression doesn't affect how I treat people.