weeeeeeekend wrap

hi friends
long time no see
long time no write?

I guess it hasn't been that long since I've blogged but feels like it. I'm just floating after the weekend I had. Ever have a few days where you've had no obligations or plans or worries- and you just end up having the BEST time? That was this past weekend.
 It was sunny and warm- but not too warm. 
I saw friends and family.
We ate salty delicious sea food down on the docks and drank ice cold beers while the sun beat on our shoulders.
My freckles came out.
I played corn hole.
I read a book in a sunny field on a blanket with a cup of iced coffee sweating beside me.
I napped under a lilac tree.
We walked around Portland with the dogs- on the East End, by the water, salty breezes and sandy toes.
We danced on a deck in the warm spring air to an amazing band until we were tired and sweaty and salty- lemonade and bagel bites to end the night.
I had a cup of coffee by myself, on the front steps in the early Saturday morning- with a newspaper crossword puzzle and the sounds of a neighbor mowing his lawn.
I laughed so hard my abs are still sore.
I ran an easy 5 miles just as the sun was going down over the water. 

I just feel so wonderfully relaxed and blessed and loved and HAPPY.

I love weekends like this. 
I love unplanned amazingness.
I love when the simple life gives the best memories.

I hope y'all had wonderful weekends, too!
Sam Summer

Steve's pup, Trix!

singing at the tops of our lungs.


Alissa said...

"Unplanned amazingness"

I love that phrase!

Nicole said...

These are the best weekends! So glad you had a good time.

B said...

omg those weekends are the BEST! my weekend was kind of like that too. Those are just so necessary sometimes!

rooth said...

It sounds like you had an amazingly relaxing weekend - isn't it fun when those weekends just creep up on you?

Emily said...

oh your weekend sounds so, so, so lovely - yay!

Stephanie said...

your weekend sounds amazing. i hope i have one that great this weekend!