ticks bring out the cray cray

Last Friday night, I was sweeping the kitchen floor and noticed something crawling on the floor. 
It was a tick.
A gross i-will-suck-your-blood-tick. 
I freaked.
Jeff continued to doze on the couch. 

Since he was no help, I took a napkin and scooped up the tick. I remembered reading somewhere about how to kill them. So, I killed it the way I knew. 

Later that night, Jeff woke up and I informed him about the tick. This is the conversation that followed.

me: "...so I scooped it up with the napkin and took care of it."
 Jeff: "how? Did you flush it?"
me: "no, I set it on fire."
Jeff: "You what?"
me: "I set it on fire. I read that is the only way to kill them or something."
Jeff: blank look.
me: "You can't crush them so you have to light them on fire or they won't die."
Jeff: "yeah, I'm pretty sure that is not true."
me: "yes it is!"
Jeff: "No. No it is not. You're thinking of when a tick is in you and you touch a match to it so it backs out."
me: "oh...."
Jeff: "You set it on fire???"
me: "yep. whoops." 
Jeff: **mumbling and walking around of the room** "i'm marrying a serial killer.



Alissa said...

Hahaha in all fairness, I would have done the same thing. Actually, when I pull them out of my cats, I flush them. But if I just found one on the ground, I would have took a match to it.

Kiersten said...

ahahahaah This made me laugh, because I would have done the same thing. In fact, I have. My best friend and I walked EVERYWHERE in high-school, and oftentimes we'd end up walking through tall grass or down this trail near our house. Inevitably, we'd come home with ticks, and so we took a match to them. Although I guess flushing them would serve the same purpose...
<3 Kiersten

Shannon said...

I grew up in North Florida and picking ticks off my cats was common. I actually get a weird satisfaction from burning ticks. I use a firestarter match (it's longer) and burn until I hear the pop. (TMI, sorry)...but you are right, burning is the best way to kill them!

Am I weird?

Legally Lovely said...

AHAHAHAHA. That is too funny. I read an article about how ticks and mosquitoes are supposed to be really bad this year because of the mild winter. blah. So, better get your matches ready!!

Alivia said...

LOL. Nicole, just drown it. Like put it in the sink and make it go down the drain.

You are a crazy nut and I love you.

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness, this is the funniest thing I've heard all day!!! I thought the only way to kill them was to pinch their heads off.

B said...

hahaha you are hilarious! at the end of the day, it doenst matter as long as it's dead, right?!

Gaby said...

you know i don't think i've ever actually seen a tick but i have a pathological fear of them! go jeff :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up thinking the only way to kill them was to set them on fire, too! Flushing them down the toilet seems like a much better way. Thanks for the laugh!

rooth said...

LOL - best story ever!

Emily said...

I laughed so hard when I read this (last week?) and holy cow do I miss you!!!

Nadine said...

I found you tonight via Coast to Coast and was so happy to find someone from Portland. Although I am not, my family lives there so I visit often. And as a former Mainer, I have 100% burned many a tick in my day. I totally thought that was the only way for them to for sure die. We did it all the time as a kid. As an adult, it kind of does sound a bit sick but better safe than sorry! So glad to have found your blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I know this post is old but I just saw it and have to comment, because I did the same thing (I probably still would, but it's been ages since I encountered a tick). I was taught - taught!- that ticks should be burned. So, you're not completely crazy.