talking derby

So I know I mentioned last week that I was going to a derby party over the weekend and said I was going to wear a kick ass hat.

Oh, I did.

This was my hat. That is a horse on my hat, holding a rose. This hat was quite the hit at the party- turns out when I nodded my head, the horse followed in suit. How great is that?

I was really impressed with everyone's commitment to the derby party- boys in seersucker and bow ties- girls in fancy dresses and enormous hats. We drank mint juleps out of mason jars and munched on cucumber sandwiches. There were also rousing games of corn hole being played. And we lucked out and had fabulous sunny weather. 

The horse I picked didn't win- but they never do. I feel really badly for the horses-- I don't know why, I just do. When I was in jr high and taking horse back riding lessons, I used to read these books called the Thoroughbred Series and that pretty much sums up my knowledge of horse racing. Does anyone remember those books? 

Classic reads I tell you.
I just feel awful when the horses are busting their asses out there and being whipped the whole entire time. Is that really necessary? No really, if it is tell me because I honestly have no idea. But it just seems mean and I want to hug the horse. And why are there no women jockeys??? 

Clearly I need to be horse race educated. Pass any knowledge you may have on to me, would ya?


Alissa said...

I live about 15 minutes away from Saratoga Springs, which is known for its race track. I never go...pretty much because I hate running into people I know from high school.

I do go to the Saratoga Casino and Raceway a lot - they have a harness track, which is different from the flat track that everyone flocks to.

Anonymous said...

Your hat is awesome. And I don't know anything about horses :( it does look like a lot of work for them though!

Emily said...

Do they really whip them the whole time? And are there really no women jockeys? Clearly, I am not going to be of any help in this area of knowledge...