tacos and horses

This Saturday is not only Cinco De Mayo but the Kentucky Derby. This is amazing on many levels. Mainly because I can wear a pretty dress and huge hat whilst sipping on an icy margarita and eating a taco. Or, I could dress like a horse jockey and wear a sombrero. Or, I could drink a mint julep while dressed as a taco. The possibilities are endless. 

In all likelihood, I will probably wear a pretty dress and big hat while drinking margaritas and mint juleps since Jeff and I are going to a Derby party thrown by one of my besties. I'm going hat shopping tomorrow, which is a first. I have a fairly amazing idea for a hat that I don't want to disclose quite yet, but if I make it happen you can bet your rosy bum that I'll post pictures of the making of the hat and the final product in all of its glory. And trust me, if I am successful, it will be ah-mazing.

While you wait, in what I can only imagine is dyer anticipation, here are some of my dress options:

Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?!


Legally Lovely said...

Ha. I actually live like, five minutes from Churchill Downs. It is crazy during Derby day, so I fled the town. I bought my Derby glasses and will be drinking home in Ohio. Forgot my hat in Kentucky though. Darnit! Have fun at your party!

Alivia said...

BAHAH you made me laugh out loud at your endless outfit options.

Kiersten said...

That's exciting!
And personally, I'm in love with flower prints, so I adore those two dresses!
Can't wait to see the hat :)
<3 Kiersten

Alissa said...

Love those dresses! I bought a poncho.

I can't wait to tacos all day.

Have a great weekend!

MY Creative Brightside said...

I love the feel of your blog it is so perfect!!

Steph at http://mycreativebrightside.blogspot.com

Natassya said...

wow it'll be an exciting moment. i love that white dress btw. Simple and nice. Have great days