NYC weekend (in photos)*

view from my air mattress

i didn't drink all of these myself!

we found a secret garden!

oh yeah, I got a tattoo... "one step at a time"

and then chugged Sangria

i doubt it, NY

my kind of restaurant.

aren't they stunning??


*all of these photos were taken with my iphone as I knew Em and Alivia would have their cameras attached to their faces and I could rely on them:) i.e., go check out their blogs for more photos!


Elizabeth said...

You've never heard of Luke's lobsters? Luke went to my high school and started a bunch of lobster shack/truck places in NYC. It's true, they are from ME to you!!

Alissa said...

I loooove your tattoo!

I was planning on going to NYC last weekend, but have been annoyingly sick with allergies.

I have to make a trip down there soon, I love it!

suzy said...

so jealous of everything in this post, from the nyc to the chocolate chex mis to the tattoo.

Kiersten said...

Looks like such a fun weekend!
AndI love the tattoo :)
<3 Kiersten

Ben & Cassie said...

LOVE THESE PICS, beyond jealous, pretty flowers, chex mix, and the view!

I am Megan said...

Wow, it looks like this was such a fun weekend! And Blossom is sooo cute!