Mini Etsy Monday

You know that song Love Fool by The Cardigans? Big hit back in the day. Well sometimes on Mondays I sing "Monday Monday, say that you love me!" to the tune of The Cardigans song. I know, I'm so so so cool.

This weekend flew by but was much needed and super relaxing. We stayed in on Friday, made a yummy dinner and watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I liked it, but I've read all the books AND seen the original movie, so there really wasn't anything new. Although I am glad it wasn't as violent/intense/graphic as the original. That one made me feel sick to my stomach. 

Saturday we went to a Derby Party (more on that tomorrow) and then Sunday Jeff and I went to brunch (The Good Egg Cafe- so good and I think my new to-go Brunch spot!) and then spent the entire day in the sunshine.

Here are a few weekend photo captures:

I snuck up on her being so naughty and lounging on the couch!!

brunch attire- messy bun, scarf and HUGE alien sunnies

best coffee and cute glass containers for sugar and cream

best fruit cup I've ever had and a cinnamon roll, duh.

how great is this fat cat mug?
Hope you guys had relaxing fun weekends, too!!

OH- and here are a few things I've been wanting on Etsy lately...

triangle floating shelves

wooden half moon necklace

canvas tote, leather handles


Alissa said...

Can I have those sunglasses? Please and thank you.

I freakin love that fat cat mug!

Ben & Cassie said...

What a fun weekend, can't wait to hear more about a derby party!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE your sunnies!

B said...

haha how could u ever get mad at a puppy that looks like that for breaking the rules!!? id just wanna hop in and snuggle w her!

Kiersten said...

I am absolutely in love with that cat mug....but maybe that's just my love of cats in general talking...
And that brunch place sounds delicious :)
<3 Kiersten

Sadie Dear said...

That looks and sounds like a perfect weekend! And now? I want those triangle floating shelves, too. How cool!