I Wish...

One of my favorite blog friends does "I wish Wednesday" posts and I loooove reading them so thought I'd link up and do one of my own! And yes, every single time I read "I wish", I finish it with "i was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call'er". Oh Skeelo....wherever did you go, you little one hit wonder, you!

I wish...this dang zit on my face would at least shrink to a hill instead of a mountain.

I wish...when my alarm went off in the morning I would get up and go running instead of snoozing it 5 times, therefore having to run after work.

I wish...you would go take a listen to this fabulous new musician I just heard about- Amy Allen (she is only 20! And she is from Maine!)

I wish...my cat wouldn't think it is ok to walk across my face in the middle of the night-repeatedly. 

I wish...I could afford someone to come and deep clean our house. I just don't have time!

I wish... I wasn't such a hypocondriac. Seriously, it is bad. Monday I was pretty sure I was having an allergic reaction to shrimp and was making my co-workers examine my tongue for swollen-ness...um....yep.

Now if only I had a magic lamp and all of these came true!! 


Alissa said...

My cats walk across my face in the middle of the night, too.

One of them likes to bite my legs - not hard - just enough to remind me that she's lurking.

A "cheery" disposition said...

Haha all cats must do that! Ours does that every night all while hollering as loud as he can!

Kiersten said...

Such a cute idea! Maybe I'll join in next week...
And the cat walking on your face? Yeahh...that's how my Kitty gets my attention most days. I think it's a cat thing that we simply don't understand.
<3 Kiersten

Jax said...

I love this idea! Who's blog is it on? I would love to do it.