weeeeeeekend wrap

hi friends
long time no see
long time no write?

I guess it hasn't been that long since I've blogged but feels like it. I'm just floating after the weekend I had. Ever have a few days where you've had no obligations or plans or worries- and you just end up having the BEST time? That was this past weekend.
 It was sunny and warm- but not too warm. 
I saw friends and family.
We ate salty delicious sea food down on the docks and drank ice cold beers while the sun beat on our shoulders.
My freckles came out.
I played corn hole.
I read a book in a sunny field on a blanket with a cup of iced coffee sweating beside me.
I napped under a lilac tree.
We walked around Portland with the dogs- on the East End, by the water, salty breezes and sandy toes.
We danced on a deck in the warm spring air to an amazing band until we were tired and sweaty and salty- lemonade and bagel bites to end the night.
I had a cup of coffee by myself, on the front steps in the early Saturday morning- with a newspaper crossword puzzle and the sounds of a neighbor mowing his lawn.
I laughed so hard my abs are still sore.
I ran an easy 5 miles just as the sun was going down over the water. 

I just feel so wonderfully relaxed and blessed and loved and HAPPY.

I love weekends like this. 
I love unplanned amazingness.
I love when the simple life gives the best memories.

I hope y'all had wonderful weekends, too!
Sam Summer

Steve's pup, Trix!

singing at the tops of our lungs.


helllooooo warm weather

my slight obsession with chambray, stripes, floppy hats and loose braids won't go away.  As the days grow warmer, my style becomes more casual and hair is almost always in some sort of easy braid.

What are you obsessing over as we head into the steamy summer?
sweet summer


ticks bring out the cray cray

Last Friday night, I was sweeping the kitchen floor and noticed something crawling on the floor. 
It was a tick.
A gross i-will-suck-your-blood-tick. 
I freaked.
Jeff continued to doze on the couch. 

Since he was no help, I took a napkin and scooped up the tick. I remembered reading somewhere about how to kill them. So, I killed it the way I knew. 

Later that night, Jeff woke up and I informed him about the tick. This is the conversation that followed.

me: "...so I scooped it up with the napkin and took care of it."
 Jeff: "how? Did you flush it?"
me: "no, I set it on fire."
Jeff: "You what?"
me: "I set it on fire. I read that is the only way to kill them or something."
Jeff: blank look.
me: "You can't crush them so you have to light them on fire or they won't die."
Jeff: "yeah, I'm pretty sure that is not true."
me: "yes it is!"
Jeff: "No. No it is not. You're thinking of when a tick is in you and you touch a match to it so it backs out."
me: "oh...."
Jeff: "You set it on fire???"
me: "yep. whoops." 
Jeff: **mumbling and walking around of the room** "i'm marrying a serial killer.



etsy monday

Happy Monday!
I'm pretty sad the weekend is over, since it was the most wonderfully beautiful weekend ever. Even though it got off to a rough start Friday night (I was tired and grumpy), Saturday and Sunday were full of great food, sun, and family. Little sister graduated with her doctorate in Physical Therapy and we drank sangria and played corn hole for hours. Photos from all of this to come. 

Needless to say, I come into this week rested, slightly sunburnt and fully happy.

What I'm loving lately on Etsy--- this week's theme, coral!


I Wish...

One of my favorite blog friends does "I wish Wednesday" posts and I loooove reading them so thought I'd link up and do one of my own! And yes, every single time I read "I wish", I finish it with "i was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call'er". Oh Skeelo....wherever did you go, you little one hit wonder, you!

I wish...this dang zit on my face would at least shrink to a hill instead of a mountain.

I wish...when my alarm went off in the morning I would get up and go running instead of snoozing it 5 times, therefore having to run after work.

I wish...you would go take a listen to this fabulous new musician I just heard about- Amy Allen (she is only 20! And she is from Maine!)

I wish...my cat wouldn't think it is ok to walk across my face in the middle of the night-repeatedly. 

I wish...I could afford someone to come and deep clean our house. I just don't have time!

I wish... I wasn't such a hypocondriac. Seriously, it is bad. Monday I was pretty sure I was having an allergic reaction to shrimp and was making my co-workers examine my tongue for swollen-ness...um....yep.

Now if only I had a magic lamp and all of these came true!! 


that time I was in NYC and Emily and Alivia took pictures of me

A few weekends ago I traveled to the fair and mystical land of NYC with Emily and Alivia-- we spent our days meandering the streets of the East Villiage- and I spent my time trying to duck out of the way of their furious picture snapping.

Then, they threatened my life and said if I didn't stand by a wall and let them take pictures of what i was wearing, they'd kill kittens. And so, for the sake of the kittens...I let them do this:

jacket, F21; shirt, jcrew; nail polish, essie;

boots, steve madden (and busted, old, gross); bag, tj maxx

who said NYers aren't friendly? well, looks like these guys were from Detroit, but still!

jeans, AE- bum shot!

sunnies, Jessica Simpson.


estee monday

For not really doing anything all weekend, I'm wiped. Seriously, this Monday is kicking my butt in a big way. And yet, for being as tired as I am, I was WIDE awake at 4:45 this morning. I hate that. I watched the minutes tick until my alarm went off- you know, cause that is the best thing to do, rather than get up and be productive...or workout...or something...

Emotionally, this weekend was a little sad- Jeff's Mother's Birthday fell on Friday and then Mother's Day yesterday...I miss her so much- and can't even imagine how it is for Jeff, his father and his brothers. Jeff had a golfing weekend fiesta with all of his buddies and it couldn't have happened at a better time- what better way to cheer up that man than meat on the grill and hours of golf?

SO- a few weeks ago I ordered some plants off Etsy from this lovely shop - air plants. The easiest plants to take care of in the world, which is exactly what I needed since I sort of forget to water my plants on a regular basis. They are so cute and look right at home in my vintage tea pot! I'll post pictures later this week...ahh i love etsy!


So long 20's...

As I write this post, it is my 30 eve. I am currently having a glass of wine and relishing the last few hours of my 20's. But as you are reading this, it is May 9th- and 30 years ago today, I was born. (duh?) (also my glass of wine is large.)

My 20's have been a wonderful decade.

The ages of 20, 21 and a little bit of 22 were spent finishing up college. A GREAT few years- ending a long and toxic relationship my junior year of college, gave me the next year to figure out who I was without him- and making out with lots of cute boys. 

22 and 23- I moved to Portland, got my first real job and made some amazing friends. It was the summer of 23 that I laughed more than I ever had before, got the best tan, drank way too many margaritas and danced in the middle of the streets with my roommates. 

Fall of 2005

2005 roommates
I was 24 when I started law school, graduated when I was 27.
I met Jeff at 24.
I met Emily at 24.
Fell in love at 25.
Those 3 years were complicated, stressful and out of the bad came two of the best relationships I've ever had.

saw Hanson in 2008- not. ashamed.


our first law school prom- spring of 07.
the last few years of my twenties have been the hardest. I've lost loved ones, been laid off, struggled through almost a year of unemployment, bar exam failures...and yet, I've come out the other side. I'm finishing up my 20's with an engagement and a job and my armor is stronger than ever.  I've seen friends get married, my brother got married!, friends start families...beautiful memories have been made.

Yeah I joke around that I fear my 30's and I can't believe I'm this old- but honestly, I'm ready for 30. I just have a feeling that my 30's are going to be better than I ever thought they could be. Thirty, flirty and thriving! I'm a real grown up.






talking derby

So I know I mentioned last week that I was going to a derby party over the weekend and said I was going to wear a kick ass hat.

Oh, I did.

This was my hat. That is a horse on my hat, holding a rose. This hat was quite the hit at the party- turns out when I nodded my head, the horse followed in suit. How great is that?

I was really impressed with everyone's commitment to the derby party- boys in seersucker and bow ties- girls in fancy dresses and enormous hats. We drank mint juleps out of mason jars and munched on cucumber sandwiches. There were also rousing games of corn hole being played. And we lucked out and had fabulous sunny weather. 

The horse I picked didn't win- but they never do. I feel really badly for the horses-- I don't know why, I just do. When I was in jr high and taking horse back riding lessons, I used to read these books called the Thoroughbred Series and that pretty much sums up my knowledge of horse racing. Does anyone remember those books? 

Classic reads I tell you.
I just feel awful when the horses are busting their asses out there and being whipped the whole entire time. Is that really necessary? No really, if it is tell me because I honestly have no idea. But it just seems mean and I want to hug the horse. And why are there no women jockeys??? 

Clearly I need to be horse race educated. Pass any knowledge you may have on to me, would ya?


Mini Etsy Monday

You know that song Love Fool by The Cardigans? Big hit back in the day. Well sometimes on Mondays I sing "Monday Monday, say that you love me!" to the tune of The Cardigans song. I know, I'm so so so cool.

This weekend flew by but was much needed and super relaxing. We stayed in on Friday, made a yummy dinner and watched Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I liked it, but I've read all the books AND seen the original movie, so there really wasn't anything new. Although I am glad it wasn't as violent/intense/graphic as the original. That one made me feel sick to my stomach. 

Saturday we went to a Derby Party (more on that tomorrow) and then Sunday Jeff and I went to brunch (The Good Egg Cafe- so good and I think my new to-go Brunch spot!) and then spent the entire day in the sunshine.

Here are a few weekend photo captures:

I snuck up on her being so naughty and lounging on the couch!!

brunch attire- messy bun, scarf and HUGE alien sunnies

best coffee and cute glass containers for sugar and cream

best fruit cup I've ever had and a cinnamon roll, duh.

how great is this fat cat mug?
Hope you guys had relaxing fun weekends, too!!

OH- and here are a few things I've been wanting on Etsy lately...

triangle floating shelves

wooden half moon necklace

canvas tote, leather handles


tacos and horses

This Saturday is not only Cinco De Mayo but the Kentucky Derby. This is amazing on many levels. Mainly because I can wear a pretty dress and huge hat whilst sipping on an icy margarita and eating a taco. Or, I could dress like a horse jockey and wear a sombrero. Or, I could drink a mint julep while dressed as a taco. The possibilities are endless. 

In all likelihood, I will probably wear a pretty dress and big hat while drinking margaritas and mint juleps since Jeff and I are going to a Derby party thrown by one of my besties. I'm going hat shopping tomorrow, which is a first. I have a fairly amazing idea for a hat that I don't want to disclose quite yet, but if I make it happen you can bet your rosy bum that I'll post pictures of the making of the hat and the final product in all of its glory. And trust me, if I am successful, it will be ah-mazing.

While you wait, in what I can only imagine is dyer anticipation, here are some of my dress options:

Are you guys doing anything fun this weekend?!