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Sugar and I have a complicated relationship. Complicated as in...I love it. But it doesn't love me back. Candy makes me so happy. Jelly Belly beans? My favorite. I can eat Sour Patch Kids by the ton. Candy corn around Halloween can be found in all of my coat pockets. You get the drift.

But I know- I KNOW- how bad it is for me. And, since as of the past several months I'm trying to eat 'clean' I have been"trying" to cut back on processed sugar. And then the past couple of days the news has been showing all these studies on what sugar does to your body and how it should be regulated like alcohol and smoking...and I freaked out. (Remember, I'm a hypochondriac).  This morning after watched Good Morning America wide-eyed, I ran around the house throwing away all of the Easter candy (goodbye milk chocolate candy covered cadbury eggs...goodbye stale peeps), packaged cookies, anything that didn't have natural sugars in it.

And now after I've had some time to calm down and think about all of this- I realize that I can start cutting sugar from my diet in a reasonable and sensible way. Natural sugars= fine. Small amounts of sugar = fine (especially when eaten with fiber...). The best ways to eat sugar without depriving yourself of sweets is by eating organic, simple, non-processed and non-packaged sweets.

It is also reasonable to think that I can start reading labels (more than I already do...which means Jeff will really hate grocery shopping with me..) to check for high amounts of sugar. No more juice. No more lemonade (unless I make it myself).  Have you ever peeked at labels and noticed the sugar content? One teaspoon of ketchup has more sugar in it than I put in my coffee! SICK!

Tthe USDA recommends we get no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar a day, the average American downs about 34 teaspoons — more than three times as much. 10 teaspoons even sounds like so much! The most disturbing thing I saw watching the news on sugar consumption was how it effects your body- kidneys need to work so hard to process the stuff- people with high sugar diets are far more likely to have kidney disease!

So, this is what I figure. Sugar and I need to have a long distance relationship. Starting now, sugar is no longer a staple in my life. To curb my sweet tooth, organic dark chocolate is going to be my go to (a small piece!) and more fresh fruit than normal! Anyone else want to jump on board with me? (Jeff doesn't have a choice...)

Wish me luck....

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Meagan :: Mo Pie, Please said...

I'm obsessed with sugar. Seriously obsessed. And I hate how much sugar is in bottled salad dressings. I like to feel good about myself when I eat a salad but I'm not often able to just whip up my own dressing. Geeze.

Lauren Cooper said...

You can do it girl!!

I cut out all unnatural sugars almost a year ago! I still get tempted and give in on occasion. But when I do give in I find that I don't enjoy it! You will start to crave water instead of juice and fruit instead of candy!!

This friday I am starting a weekly post called fitness fridays on my blog! come check it out!! :)

Gesci said...

I'm a walking sweet-tooth- but I'm lucky in two ways; I don't really like candy or any non-dark chocolate, and I love to bake from scratch. I started baking young, and now won't eat any store-bought baked goods or even mixes. I may be a bit of a snob about that, but between my high cholesterol (since I was five) and the fact that I don't want all the processed/preservatized crap, I'm okay being a snob here. I use raw sugar, natural sugar, demerrera sugar, but regular old granulated and brown sugar when needed. I'm a big honey fan, too, to sweeten teas and such. The way I see it, I mostly eat fresh, as natural as possible, lots of fruits and veggies, low fat- so I'm gonna keep my sweet tooth, just use moderation! (if you go to my blog, please forgive the Krispy Kremes on yesterday's post... that's my "moderation"- I haven't had any donuts/total non-homemade junk in months!) From one cake/cookies/chocolate addict to another- just become a snob about your sugar: everything will taste better, which means you don't eat as much for the rich flavor AND it's easier to resist the store-bought stuff at parties and gatherings! Good luck!!

B said...

soo hard! i love sweets too. i especially love baking them. its so sad. my dad is diabetic so ive already learned a lot about sugar and how evil it is. i try to cut back but it is hard.

i love juice so one thing russ and i do is buy the low calorie, low sugar lemonade from TJs and then we just put a little in the bottom of the glass and fill the rest up with water or bubbly water. def still has sugar but its way less. once you do this for a while you cannot drink regular lemonade or juice because it is sickenly sweet.

Ben & Cassie said...

I love everything you just said. My favorite candies are jelly bellys and sour patch...and mini eggs...I have been off sugar for a month now, just to see if I could do it. Along with other parts of a diet I have lost 18 pounds. Also though, my skin is better, I have more energy. I am really going to try and eat less even when i get off this diet!

Legally Lovely said...

Ugh. I hate this. I love sugar so much, especially my sugary drinks. Lots of lemonade and Sunkist and things.

I just can't quit it.

Also, I thought of you when I read this book review for Fifty Shades of Grey. I think they hated it as much as you did!


Emily said...

i'm doomed.

icedgurl said...

trekking your blog!!! sugar? i named my dog sugar because i like sweets.


icedgurl said...

trekking your blog!!! sugar? i named my dog sugar because i like sweets.


Jenny said...

Sugar does not have any friends in the media these days. Not that it should. I, too, have given it up for the most part. Dark chocolate is my solution to a sweet tooth and honey is a miracle elixir for all things tart.

After a while you'll find you don't crave sugar at all (like breaking a drug addiction, I hear) and even when you think you do and give in, it won't taste the same. Good luck!