rent the runway?!

Have you guys heard of Rent the Runway? I'm sure you have since it has been around for a little while, but in case you haven't, it is a rental site for designer items like dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. For a fraction of the price of a designer dress, for 4 or 8 days, you rent it and then send it back-- they handle the cleaning and everything. The best part is, for no extra cost, you can order two sizes in whatever you want (if available) just to be sure it will fit.

Some of my friends have done this before and loved the experience. I, on the other hand, have not. I've wanted to, but my argument is "well, for $50-75 I could buy a dress that I can KEEP! Why would I want to pay that and then have to give it back?" Solid argument, right? Except the thing is, most of the time I buy the dress, I a) never wear it again or b) have purchased a dress at h&m or some other store where the quality of said item usually isn't stellar.

As my argument for not trying out RTR fails, and as I have two big(ish) summer weddings to go to, I'm thinking I will bite the bullet and rent a dress! 

Below are some of my favorites. Let me know what you think-- about the dresses AND the whole process of renting a dress!


Kiersten said...

That's such an awesome idea (I'd never heard of RTR before)! I know that most of the time I buy a dress, it's for a specific occasion and I never wear it again. Such as, in your case, for a wedding.
However, I think I'd have the same problem as you - I'd rather own the dress. I feel the same way about renting textbooks (always end up buying used, and selling them back at the end of the semester, which I realize is basically the same as renting). Even though the chances of me somehow destroying the dress are slim to none, I know how paranoid I'd be the whole time I was wearing it. I'd rather own it and not have to worry.
<3 Kiersten

Jane said...

my friend got a dress from rent the runway and had SUCH a good experience with it! they sent her a couple sizes in case the one she ordered didn't fit - and got the prettiest dress! it was pretty dressy so she never would've worn it again.

Lindsay said...

I love all your choices, but I especially love the last two!

B said...

ive never done it. im not sure i could bite the bullet. knowing me if shop around till i could find a deal on a great dress fro 50 (cheap anyone? i know i am!)

i love the yellow one :)

Anonymous said...

I have the same feelings as you do. While it would definitely be fun to wear something new and designer and trendy, I cannot justify that amount of money for something I can't keep. Although since I tend to buy only sale items that are mostly basic long-standing pieces that I can wear to work, breaking that mold is tempting!