pasta making

first off, I know I've been super MIA lately. Sorry! I've miiiiisssed you!

But, I'm back- so commence celebrations now please!

Last Thursday Jeff and I headed to Kennebunk and a restaurant called Grissini's for an Italian cooking class that I bought him for Christmas. Jeff l.o.v.e.s to cook. In fact, often times when I am cooking he is hovering over my shoulder telling me what I should be doing different or what ingredient I'm not adding enough of. Next thing I know, he is cooking and I am standing by watching. It is really very charming.  

[note: I fully understand that I am lucky that I have a guy who likes to cook]

The pasta making class was amazing. We made sweet potato and goat cheese ravioli, linguini, fettuccine and tortellini- all whilst drinking delicious red wine. After we prepped all the pasta, they take it away, and we got to drink MORE while while they cooked the pasta- we also got to choose between fish and pork and what type of sauce we wanted. We finished the meal with another glass of wine and a chocolate mousse with a tart cherry glaze.

Jeff had to roll me out.


B said...

omg this looks so fun and yummy!!

B said...
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Ben & Cassie said...

how fun! what a good gift idea!

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love this! And I always have a glass of wine when I make pasta... is that bad?!?! haha