my happy

Up until 10 minutes ago I would have sworn up and down that it is Tuesday. Clearly I am losing my mind a little bit- so I thought I'd share with you on WEDNESDAY (it is Wednesday, right??) my happy as of late:

Go Berry

Cali really really loves Dogs 101

creative cards make me smile

Maybe the best painting I saw at the MFA in Boston

looks like I've got her in a choke hold- but I don't

she is so cute it KILLS me

mixed prints

I can't help but love whoever made this

spring is beautiful

healthy and delicious smoked salmon salad


Alissa said...

I love that card! I have a friend I could give that to.

And you're right - spring is beautiful!

Lindsay said...

I love Spring! And I really need to stop reading blogs before eating in the morning, that salad looks so good!

Nicole said...

I love those nails. I've got to learn how to do that and/or find the necessary supplies!

B said...

LOVE the nails!

Jessica Wray said...

my dog watches dogs on tv too!!!


Ben & Cassie said...

So cute, i love the nails! you are talented, i also love the puppy and the card, love all of it actually! recipe for that salad maybe? looks amazing!

Emily said...

you are my happy.

Alivia said...

You got me that mattress, right? I really want it.