Happy Friday + the Key and Sparrow giveaway winner!!

Happy Friday you little fuzzy peeps!!!
I wasn't feeling very motivated to get up this morning or really motivated in general today- but against all odds I am trying to rally and get happy!

I think my mood circumvents around the fact that Jeff and I had the "money" talk the other night-- about where in general our money goes, how we will save for the wedding and what we can do to cut back to silly spending. Now, I make like...next to nothing and my student loan debt is enough to make you choke...so I felt pretty pathetic during this whole conversation. I'm so lucky though to have Jeff- he is the most understand and generous person and doesn't let my debt woes freak him out or make him want to run in the opposite direction of me!

Heading to see the rents this weekend-- so that means lots of coffee, naps, walks and good food. I've been pretty good the past few days about watching my sugar intake. It has been hard, but not as awful as I imagined it would be. I decided to just really be aware of my sugar intake-- not cut it out completely. So there you go!

I mean....there is a bag of these in my house:

OH and the winner of the Key and Sparrow giveaway is....

The lovely Shannon over at Anchors Aweigh!!! 

Shannon, I'll contact you soon to give more info on your awesome win:) Thanks all for participating!


Shannon said...

WOOHOO!!! Thanks girl! :)

PS.com....the money talk takes balls. I totally remember having that with my hubs. I also had student loans and was equally as nervous about what he would think about "our money" paying MY loans..

Good thing we've got good men!

Alivia said...

The only way I can stop eating those dammed eggs is to eat all of them and try not to buy more.

Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Oh the money talk...it's definitely an important topic, so it's good that you're starting now. As uncomfortable as it may be, it's necessary. Proud of you my dear :) And, I might understand more than you realize. I hated feeling like I put my husband into debt. But I know he doesn't mind...

Hope you have a beautiful weekend my dear!


Harley said...

those eggs are basically my favorite thing in the world.

money is the worst. why must everything cost so much!

Ben & Cassie said...

I am the same way with money, and it makes me so stressed i can't sleep, then a calming husband somehow convinces me everything will be fine! Have fun with your fam and happy easter!

Ben & Cassie said...

ps-nominated you for an award today check it out!