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hi my friends!
I wanted to share something with you:

This is a 5k race that I am running in on June 14- it is a part of the Maine Tri for a Cure- both benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation.  I ran last year for the first time and cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it was. First, I was so blessed to have amazing friends and family that donated to my fundraising goal and put me OVER by almost $1000!! I was one of the top fundraisers! Second, it was so beautiful to be a part of a race that was all women. It didn't feel like a "race"- everyone was so encouraging and there was absolutely no competition, just support! Last year, when I crossed the finish line, I had tears streaming down my face- I was that emotional! And most of you know how near and dear to my heart this race, this cause, is. This year it will be 2 years since Jeff's amazing mother passed away. Last year I ran in her honor and plan to do the same this year. 

I was thinking the other day-- I'm only 29 and yet Cancer has encroached on the lives of so many people I know and love. I have family members who have had breast cancer. Prostate cancer. A friend's mother who passed from ovarian cancer. And Jeff's mother Jane- which was without a doubt one of the most heart-achingly painful experiences I ever witnessed.  

Cancer SUCKS. 

I LOVE that I can help raise money to go towards Cancer research and such an amazing organization.

If you have a second, please go to my page above and donate. Every little bit helps.

thank you thank you xoxo


Ben & Cassie said...

great cause, cancer does super suck, tomorrow is payday and i def want to donate!

Gesci said...

Yay for a wonderful community effort to fight a world-wide enemy! I'm doing my first cancer research 5K in May, organized by a friend of mine who's a survivor- I'm lucky in that the people closest to me that have had cancer have survived- but I know that, unfortunately, it's only a matter of time before that changes. I'm so sorry about Jeff's mom- but I love the way you've chosen to honor her!!

Anonymous said...

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