Etsy MooomDay

MomDay because today's theme is Mother's Day- get it? Momday instead of Monday????

riiiiiiiiiight. I know, I need help on the joke front.

Mother's Day isn't too far away- and instead of doing what I usually do [buy a plant the day before or day of- sorry Mom] maybe plan a little and get your Mumma something fun and sweet! Oh also, I'm guest blogging today for Lauren at Tippee Canoe- lucky girl is on vaca in Hawaii and from the looks of her instagram pics, she is having a WONDERFUL time. Go check out her blog- she rocks!

pretty leaf earrings

oh my god. this card. sick and hilarious.
organic soap- for my mom who is all organic lately
personalized art
cute recipe cards
pretty sea glass (my mother is obsessed with the stuff).

Happy Monday!


Alissa said...

I LOVE those leaf earrings. I would buy them for my mom and borrow them all the time :)

Ben & Cassie said...

great finds, i am doing a post like this later this week too!

Andrea D said...

Bahaha that CARD! It looks so sweet and innocent, too, until you start reading it. My mom would definitely be too embarrassed to hang that on the fridge :P

Anonymous said...

Those are great finds! Maybe I should buy that soap for my mom, since she's allergic to so many other soaps! Thanks for sharing!

Lindsay said...

That card is awesome!!! Love the earrings! I made a similar personalized art canvas for my husband with our birth dates, date we met and our wedding date.

Vanessa said...

Brilliant, that card made me laugh out loud! New follower :-)

Also wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Blog Award over on What Vanessa Does - pass over to my blog for details!
And keep up the fab posts :-)

Vanessa x

Emily said...

so pretty! my mom is all organic lately too (kinda).

Fash Boulevard said...

omg, those leaf earrings are beyond stunning. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my resort style post. xo


Kate said...

that card is the single most incredible thing i've ever seen. my mom needs it.

ps. i just started following you! love it.