common sense is awesome

Maybe it is because I am the oldest of 3...
or maybe it is because I like things to be organized
for whatever reason, it drives me nuts when people lack common sense.

We have a park in Portland and a trail runs around it- it is called the Back Bay path and it is used by runners and walkers and sometimes bikers. On nice sunny days it is super super crowded. This is the same trail where I accidentally high-fived a man passing by, yes.  So when the trail is crowded, common sense is certainly an essential trait by those enjoying the path.

and yet...

Lady, why do you think it is okay to walk your dog on one of those retractable leashes (which by the way i cannot STAND- seriously people, unless your dog is 4lbs you should not be using this type of leash) and let him meander all over the trail with about 8 feet of leash extended between you two? Don't you understand that you make it next to impossible to pass you without tripping and falling? Don't you think it would be much nicer for EVERYONE around you if your dog was walking nicely at your side?

Group of people walking together...when you know the path gets super narrow, why do you insist on walking side by side like a weird army? Don't you know that there are likely people coming up behind you or needing to pass you? Wouldn't it be nice if you were aware of your surroundings especially when space is tight? I think so too.

Guy on the bike, there is no one else around us so WHY must you pass so close by that you bump me with your bike handles? Do you know how to ride a bike? Actually, why are you on the trail to begin with-- don't you know you can ride in the street like a car? 

Girl in high heel shoes- what the hell are you doing? I get that exercise is important- but, this is a 3 and a half mile gravel trail. You know, dirt. Soooo...what are you doing? No really...what are doing? I have no explanation for the fact that you are walking the Back Bay in your heels and skirt. 

Guy that spits...do you not see the 300 people on the trail around you or do you just not care? Hey, I get dry mouth. When I run, sometimes I too need to spit. However, I am always conscious of people around me, the wind, people behind me, etc. You on the other hand, are not. In fact, you almost spit on me. Had you done so, I would have chased you down and verbally smacked you around.

What I am saying is, common sense people. Embrace it.


Anonymous said...

Haha this is an awesome post. I also hate when people do things that are obviously so inconsiderate!

Miss Patricia. said...

hahaha you sound exactly like me. I'm the kind of person who complains loudly in person until they get the idea.

Although I eventually found out through research about dog training that yes, the proper way to walk ANY dog is to walk in front of them, which will happen if your dog considers you the alpha of the pack. Anytime you see someone's dog running helter skelter or walking in front of the human, it denotes a lack of respect for command.

So I always make fun of those people in my head for being so dumb their dog thinks they have to lead them.

Random thought, but there you go.

LOL! I'm so mean. Whatever. I like you require common sense.

Alissa said...

Great vent! People, in general, just don't get it.

I love the post title, too. Loved it.

Shannon said...

All of these apply for the mall, as well...

-Girl dressed like a prostitute
-Weird army line of people
-Slow walkers
-Stroller-pusher who runs up on your because they aren't paying attention.
-Kid on leashes with no discipline from parent
-Scrubby guy who whistles at you when you walk by
-Store worker arranging item you want to look at, but won't move out of the way for you to actually LOOK at it.

OMG I could go on..maybe I should do a similar post?? Common sense ain't so common, is it?!

B said...

clearly i agree with everything you just said.

Mel said...

I hate the army of people. On a daily basis as I walk to class, I encounter an army of sorority girls that push me off the sidewalk into the street. I don't understand...

Good post.

Stephanie said...

You are so right!! I HATE when a group of people walks down a path side by side - whether it be in a park or a sidewalk or whatever. To me, it's the ultimate lack of consideration. The path does not belong only to you, Big Group of People!!!

Kiersten said...

This whole post made me laugh, but especially the girl in heels.
Seriously? Why? Why would you wear heels in a TRAIL made of GRAVEL???
People amaze me....
<3 Kiersten