I stayed up so late

I'm back from my weekend in NYC with Em and Aliva- had somuchfun. 
But since one of the nights I stayed up until 3am (this is a FEAT for me) I am super tired- too tired to do Etsy Monday and write anything for that matter-- so I leave you with this video that makes me laugh so hard.

I love you, Michael Bolton.


Bright lights, big city

happy Friday!
today I am heading to Boston to snag the cousin, then we are driving to CT to meet Em and jumping a train for NYC!

I'm so excited to poke around vintage shops and drink delish coffee with these two. We aren't going to do anything touristy while we are there and I'm glad for that- I want to just wonder around and explore!

Any recommendations for us?

Have a great great weekend all- what are your plans?!??!


common sense is awesome

Maybe it is because I am the oldest of 3...
or maybe it is because I like things to be organized
for whatever reason, it drives me nuts when people lack common sense.

We have a park in Portland and a trail runs around it- it is called the Back Bay path and it is used by runners and walkers and sometimes bikers. On nice sunny days it is super super crowded. This is the same trail where I accidentally high-fived a man passing by, yes.  So when the trail is crowded, common sense is certainly an essential trait by those enjoying the path.

and yet...

Lady, why do you think it is okay to walk your dog on one of those retractable leashes (which by the way i cannot STAND- seriously people, unless your dog is 4lbs you should not be using this type of leash) and let him meander all over the trail with about 8 feet of leash extended between you two? Don't you understand that you make it next to impossible to pass you without tripping and falling? Don't you think it would be much nicer for EVERYONE around you if your dog was walking nicely at your side?

Group of people walking together...when you know the path gets super narrow, why do you insist on walking side by side like a weird army? Don't you know that there are likely people coming up behind you or needing to pass you? Wouldn't it be nice if you were aware of your surroundings especially when space is tight? I think so too.

Guy on the bike, there is no one else around us so WHY must you pass so close by that you bump me with your bike handles? Do you know how to ride a bike? Actually, why are you on the trail to begin with-- don't you know you can ride in the street like a car? 

Girl in high heel shoes- what the hell are you doing? I get that exercise is important- but, this is a 3 and a half mile gravel trail. You know, dirt. Soooo...what are you doing? No really...what are doing? I have no explanation for the fact that you are walking the Back Bay in your heels and skirt. 

Guy that spits...do you not see the 300 people on the trail around you or do you just not care? Hey, I get dry mouth. When I run, sometimes I too need to spit. However, I am always conscious of people around me, the wind, people behind me, etc. You on the other hand, are not. In fact, you almost spit on me. Had you done so, I would have chased you down and verbally smacked you around.

What I am saying is, common sense people. Embrace it.


You may say that I'm a dreamer

anyone who really really knows me, knows that for my entire life I have always had very vivid intense dreams. I'm sure Emily can't even count how many times I came downstairs in the morning with "you will NEVER believe the dream I had last night..."

My dreams are like movies- usually with a beginning, middle and end. They feel like they last forever. They are creative and crazy and weird and wonderful and sometimes scary-- but not usually scary. I've been able to fly so many times I've lost count. Often they are so real that after a few days, I can't remember if something really happened or only happened in a dream. I've actually been pissed off at people for something they did in a dream (much to their annoyance). I've been tempted to keep a dream journal-- but I'm scared to do that. In most of my dreams I exhibit some level of control- where eventually I figure out that I'm dreaming- or, say that in the dream I'm in some embarrassing situation, I know that it is just a dream and I can get myself out of it. 

When I was really little, I used to have a recurring dream that I was in the back seat of my parent's car and they left me in the car with it running while they ran into the gas station real quick. As soon as they stepped inside the gas station, the car would start to move and drive off with me in it- and with no one driving. Little 5 year old me would be terrified because I had no idea where the car was taking me or how to drive. I had this dream so often that whenever my parents really would pull into a gas station (in real life), I'd FREAK out and demand I get out of the car too (not like they'd ever really leave me in the car- but whatever, I was 5!!). 

I don't mind having vivid dreams or really intense dreams- but what I do mind is that sometime even after I wake up, I can't shake the emotions that I had in the dream. For example (and yes you may laugh), the other night I had a dream that a certain musician and I were in a complex relationship. We were in love, he was an amazing kisser, girls were way jealous of me, etc etc. I'm not going to go into super detail- but when I finally woke up from the wonderful dream, I felt weird. 

I'm going to have a difficult time explaining how I felt when I woke up so bear with me. I felt almost sad/lonely and a bit heartbroken that all those feelings I had during the dream weren't real. and then I felt guilty for dreaming that I was lusting after someone else while Jeff was sleeping next to me. And then i felt silly because it was JUST a dream! but all that day, I had the most difficult time shaking those emotions from the dream (dream hangover?) and even couldn't listen to said musician's music because it made me feel all odd and uncomfortable.

Yep, I know I'm a huge freak- but what the hell! It isn't just this sexy musician dream- but why do these emotions linger and last SO long after I've woken up? Does this happen to anyone else? It is so annoying that I can't shake emotions that aren't even a result of real events. If this happens to you too, what do you do to shake the feelings? And, am I a bonafide nutter?

ps: I had every intention of writing this as a humorous post and clearly failed- oops poops!


Etsy MooomDay

MomDay because today's theme is Mother's Day- get it? Momday instead of Monday????

riiiiiiiiiight. I know, I need help on the joke front.

Mother's Day isn't too far away- and instead of doing what I usually do [buy a plant the day before or day of- sorry Mom] maybe plan a little and get your Mumma something fun and sweet! Oh also, I'm guest blogging today for Lauren at Tippee Canoe- lucky girl is on vaca in Hawaii and from the looks of her instagram pics, she is having a WONDERFUL time. Go check out her blog- she rocks!

pretty leaf earrings

oh my god. this card. sick and hilarious.
organic soap- for my mom who is all organic lately
personalized art
cute recipe cards
pretty sea glass (my mother is obsessed with the stuff).

Happy Monday!


pasta making

first off, I know I've been super MIA lately. Sorry! I've miiiiisssed you!

But, I'm back- so commence celebrations now please!

Last Thursday Jeff and I headed to Kennebunk and a restaurant called Grissini's for an Italian cooking class that I bought him for Christmas. Jeff l.o.v.e.s to cook. In fact, often times when I am cooking he is hovering over my shoulder telling me what I should be doing different or what ingredient I'm not adding enough of. Next thing I know, he is cooking and I am standing by watching. It is really very charming.  

[note: I fully understand that I am lucky that I have a guy who likes to cook]

The pasta making class was amazing. We made sweet potato and goat cheese ravioli, linguini, fettuccine and tortellini- all whilst drinking delicious red wine. After we prepped all the pasta, they take it away, and we got to drink MORE while while they cooked the pasta- we also got to choose between fish and pork and what type of sauce we wanted. We finished the meal with another glass of wine and a chocolate mousse with a tart cherry glaze.

Jeff had to roll me out.


my happy

Up until 10 minutes ago I would have sworn up and down that it is Tuesday. Clearly I am losing my mind a little bit- so I thought I'd share with you on WEDNESDAY (it is Wednesday, right??) my happy as of late:

Go Berry

Cali really really loves Dogs 101

creative cards make me smile

Maybe the best painting I saw at the MFA in Boston

looks like I've got her in a choke hold- but I don't

she is so cute it KILLS me

mixed prints

I can't help but love whoever made this

spring is beautiful

healthy and delicious smoked salmon salad


rent the runway?!

Have you guys heard of Rent the Runway? I'm sure you have since it has been around for a little while, but in case you haven't, it is a rental site for designer items like dresses, shoes, bags, accessories, etc. For a fraction of the price of a designer dress, for 4 or 8 days, you rent it and then send it back-- they handle the cleaning and everything. The best part is, for no extra cost, you can order two sizes in whatever you want (if available) just to be sure it will fit.

Some of my friends have done this before and loved the experience. I, on the other hand, have not. I've wanted to, but my argument is "well, for $50-75 I could buy a dress that I can KEEP! Why would I want to pay that and then have to give it back?" Solid argument, right? Except the thing is, most of the time I buy the dress, I a) never wear it again or b) have purchased a dress at h&m or some other store where the quality of said item usually isn't stellar.

As my argument for not trying out RTR fails, and as I have two big(ish) summer weddings to go to, I'm thinking I will bite the bullet and rent a dress! 

Below are some of my favorites. Let me know what you think-- about the dresses AND the whole process of renting a dress!


Sometimes I say Estee but I mean Etsy.

Do you ever do that with a word? Just inadvertently say it wrong, no matter how hard you try to get it right? I also say foxfire instead of Fire Fox (the web browser..). Weird. 

I went a-flea-marketing this weekend. I did not go to the new Portland Flea for All- because while I heard it is pretty cool and has some great stuff, I was in the mood for old, vintage, dig-through-junk type of flea marketing. Needless to say, I found nothing. Nada. Zip.

I was looking for vintage doilies for a DIY project (more on that later), and old tin tea boxes...

This brings me to Etsy Monday and the other reason why I adore Etsy like I do- not only full of handmade crafts and finds, but full of neat vintage jems! 


tea tin!

and another

lace doily

1970's birdcage- would be beautiful with a candle inside
how unreal is this cookie jar? My birthday is coming up, btw.
antique bottle holder- wouldn't this be GREAT as a succulent planter?
vintage pyrex...adore.


give a little bit

hi my friends!
I wanted to share something with you:

This is a 5k race that I am running in on June 14- it is a part of the Maine Tri for a Cure- both benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation.  I ran last year for the first time and cannot even begin to explain how wonderful it was. First, I was so blessed to have amazing friends and family that donated to my fundraising goal and put me OVER by almost $1000!! I was one of the top fundraisers! Second, it was so beautiful to be a part of a race that was all women. It didn't feel like a "race"- everyone was so encouraging and there was absolutely no competition, just support! Last year, when I crossed the finish line, I had tears streaming down my face- I was that emotional! And most of you know how near and dear to my heart this race, this cause, is. This year it will be 2 years since Jeff's amazing mother passed away. Last year I ran in her honor and plan to do the same this year. 

I was thinking the other day-- I'm only 29 and yet Cancer has encroached on the lives of so many people I know and love. I have family members who have had breast cancer. Prostate cancer. A friend's mother who passed from ovarian cancer. And Jeff's mother Jane- which was without a doubt one of the most heart-achingly painful experiences I ever witnessed.  

Cancer SUCKS. 

I LOVE that I can help raise money to go towards Cancer research and such an amazing organization.

If you have a second, please go to my page above and donate. Every little bit helps.

thank you thank you xoxo


a love of gray

Lately I am obsessed with all that is gray- I love the contrast of dove gray with a pastel or bright color. Gray has always been my favorite color but even more so now that minty green items are popping up every where! Lord help my wallet....

ps: if you're interested in button swapping- shoot me a message!
minty fresh


Etsy Monday.

I have a problem. I have house envy, real bad.
We have a condo and it is nice. It is spacious. It has many bathrooms. We have our own master suit. 
but...I want a house! A yard of our own! 
And so, because I don't see that happening any time soon, I've decided that I need to just redo/redecorate some of our rooms here- give this place a face lift! So, we're painting/converting the spare room into an office-- inspired by the cozy office/den that Kyle and Elizabeth have. We are repainting the guest bathroom AND I'm slowly but surely swapping out our "newer" stuff for vintage and antique items.

All of this said, I have a few blank walls that I want to fill with old frames and original art. I've been looking for a while on Etsy for some quirky art and here are my favorites:

this comes in a set of 5- four other cute birdies!

vintage camera