this whole job thing is really making me miss out on serious blogging time/blog reading time. 
that ain't cool!!!!!!!

ps: those of you who have voted for our video- from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. And...if we make it to the final 3, I will be pestering you WAY more. So...now you have something to look forward to? 

Yeah, didn't think so.

On a different note, I take a ton of pictures with my iphone. I love love love the iphone camera and have a sick obsession with all that is instagram. and also photo apps for my phone. Inspire by Jenni over at Story of My Life, who does a weekly share of her instagram photos- I thought I'd share some of my latest and greatest. 

thanks guy for smashing my car

one of my favorites

even in the winter I cannot go without my popsicles

Otto's pizza for a beer and some pie- check out the piano keys decorating the back of the bar

Maine, you were doing so well this winter. What happened?

Jeff really really wants golf season.

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B said...

Russ is obsessed with golfing and swings one of his clubs incessantly in the house. one of the only things that drives me nuts about living with him haha. just be thankful that he is only putting!..is that how you spell that? or is there only one "t"?....apparently i cant spell for beans either. maybe thats why we are both unemployed lawyers. im sensing a trend here.