Free Cat.

Remember that cat I wrote about?
Well who wants her?

She is quirky, yes?
And I can accept that.
What I cannot accept is her grossness.
Like her inability to urinate like a normal cat. Capo must stick her butt against something when she pees, the wall of her little box for example...but I thought it was just because the wall was there and if we took it away she would pee normal.

So we took an old cabinet, cut a hole in the wall and made a neat litter box container thingy.  Gross cat stuff hidden? Check! Less litter on the floor? Check! Cat pee contained to litter box? Uncheck.

We discovered in the sickest way possible that without a wall to put her furry cat ass against when she pees, that Capo just pees over the side of the box. And then said piss soaks into the wood of the cabinet. And then soaks through. To the floor. And lucky me, I came home to this tonight. A nice wooden cabinet ruined by Capo, 1.5hours of cleaning the floors with bleach and being totally sicked out.

So, who wants a cat?


Anonymous said...

haha, all I have to say to this is ew.

B said...

aww im so sorry to hear this! ive cleaned up throw up and diarrhea and pee. having pets can kind of suck sometimes but it does for all of us! hang in there!

Alissa said...

Cat pee is the worst. I have two cats and one of them likes to pee on my shower curtain. I have to swing it over the shower rod every day. Your drawing is great, though!

Kim said...

oooh dear naughty cat!


Stephanie said...

that is hilarious! maybe she could learn to pee in the toilet by hanging her kitty ass off the rim and aimed into the bowl? ha!

ps - just found you through Meg's blog. I too have a law degree which also means nothing b/c I quit practicing and started my own photography business. so much for those three years!

Meagan Murtagh said...

that's a good lookin cat!

xo the egg out west.