etsy monday

this winter has been super mild and I've been spoiled because of it. 
we've had hardly any snow, and as February came to a close I was hopeful that the worst was behind us. I had gotten VERY used to the dry winter, being able to wear flats and run outside...
So you can imagine how sad I was when last Thursday we got a foot of snow. Very very sad. 
Thankfully, it rained yesterday and melted most of it and apparently this week we are going to have some 60 degree days. 
I am so utterly completely ready for spring. 

The theme of this week's Etsy Monday!

succulents in re-purposed wine bottles? AMAZE.
copper and silver horseshoe ring

I used to love this song when I was little!


Julia said...

i love the ring!

Anonymous said...

the EXACT same thing is happening here. No snow all winter, and now boom. So bizarre. It's like, really? NOW?

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i love that ring. i wear a horshoe bracelet at all times that my mom sent me from the virgin islands. it's silver and gold and i love it.

B said...

i love that dress! perfect for spring!

Elizabeth said...

Love the dress and the ring!