etsy monday- Maine style

hey y'all
Hope you guys had fabulous weekends- mine was pretty laid back and I loved it. We went and saw the Hunger Games yesterday- but I'm not going to get into how I feel about that right now.  All I'm going to say is, I love me some Jennifer Lawrence.
Also I'm considering doing book reviews on here-- what do you guys think? Is that something you'd be interested in? I read such a WIDE range of books- from classic to crap to YA-- and love spouting my opinions (as you know) so thought maybe I'd try it out! Plus, I'm in a book club so sometimes I read books I wouldn't even think of reading-- like how last week at book club the book we were supposed to read was "the Great Gatsby" but instead I read "Great Expectations" because I remembered the book wrong....awkward! 

Anyway- E.M. time! This week, these are things I'm loving from my fellow Mainers:

I'm a sucker for squirrel art!
hot pink paper straws
pretty bra that looks super comfy too
pretty locket
latitude and longitude ring
linen lamp shade


Kiersten said...

I am definitely in support of the book reviews! I love reading, and suggestions for new books are my favorite!
<3 Kiersten

Legally Lovely said...

I love book reviews! I'd love to read them!

Ben & Cassie said...

haha great expectaions, gret gatsby, basically the same thing! Cute finds !

B said...

yes please on the book review! i would love to know what you think since we seem to have the same life anyways! we must love the same books!