ABC's of m.e.

i saw this fun ABC's question thingy on Megan's blog- and thought it was fun- and honestly wanted something to post on my blog so...here. I present you with this and nothing about voting for our wedding video today! Well, I guess I just did so...

Age: 29. and I think i'll stay here forever.
Bedsize: Queen. It is sad. Jeff is 6'4" and Cali is 60lbs of dog. and I am left with no bed.
Chores that you hate: Cleaning the bathroom. I gag.
Dogs: 3 yr old goldendoodle- aka furry child.
Essential start to your day:  Coffee + breakfast. 
Favorite color: Yellow and coral. and jade.
Gold or Silver: Gold. 
Height: 5'4. Shorty.
Instruments you play: Vocal cords and spoons, sometimes.
Job title: Marketing coordinator/Assistant Director of Business Development. I know, right?
Kids: Soon my friends, soon.
Live: Portland, Maine. 
Mother's Name: Susan- or as my friend Adam calls her, Susie Dootin!
Nicknames: Coco, Nicoco, booty (because my last name), Coke (shortened from coco), Nico, Bootscoot (Thanks to this girl), Booter, Booteronimo...
Overnight hospital stays: Nope! Which is weird since I'm a total hypochondriac. 
Pet peeves: Glue (Yeah....), overly dramatic people, immaturity 
Quote from a movie or tv show"Goonies never say die!"

Right or Lefty: Righty tighty

Siblings: Little brother and sister (both, I should say, are significantly taller than me)

Time you wake up: 6:30 in the am- 8am on weekends.
Underwear:  what about it?

Vegetable you hate:  cooked peas- i like them raw though!

What makes you run late: my procrastination

X-Rays You've Had:  teeth and...I think that is it?

Yummy food you make:  Mac'n'cheese, chocolate chip cookies, chicken picatta

Zoo Animal:  I feel bad for them.

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