that one time I almost mashed Jeff's hand in the garbage disposal.

so this weekend- a good friend of ours helped Jeff and I make a video to enter in a contest (more in that in a few days). Anyway in the video we had to talk a lot about our relationship and tell stories about us over the years. it reminded me of the first REAL serious shocking moment Jeff and I had together.

Okay so spring of 08- Jeff had just bought the house and we moved in together. Our move in coincided with: the week after final exams 2nd year of law school, a heat wave and lots and lots of stress (mostly on my end). 

I was way over tired. and therefor, when Jeff was fishing around in the sink for something that was making the garbage disposal angry- i thought I would be helpful and turn the light on so he could see better. Except, instead of hitting the light switch, I turned the garbage disposal on. 


It OBVIOUSLY scared the shiz out of Jeff- no worries, he was fine...but in the process of being scared that I almost chopped his fingers off, he yelled. loudly. at me. 

and me in my fragile stressed over tired state- who was also scared by what I had just done- immediately started crying, envisioned the the end of our relationship, and locked myself in the bathroom. 

Many tears and hours later after Jeff coaxed me out of the bathroom and convinced me everything was okay, all was right in the world again.

3 years later he still has all his fingers and that remains the ONLY time he has ever raised his voice at me. and lets get serious, he was perfectly justified in doing so.  Oh yeah, I labeled the garbage disposal switch so this sort of thing wouldn't happen again.

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Kaleena J. said...

Haha oh no! I would've panicked too if i were him. I'm glad everything is okay now though.