song lyrics

y'all know I am a music freak- groupie- whatever you want to call it. and when it comes to my big favorites, most of the time I know the lyrics by heart. And I'm a bit of a bee sting when people misunderstand songs-- you know, assume it is a pretty love song just because it 'sounds' sweet, but really it is a terribly awful sad song!! Small example, when I hear that people danced to Matt Nathanson's song "Wedding Dress" at their wedding, I'm floored. Look up the lyrics or just LISTEN to them, it certainly is not a love song.

Well oops. Looks like I made the same mistake recently. I've been trying to find some songs that sort of captures how I feel about Jeff (for our wedding). I want original and different. I don't want the same songs that are heard at every single wedding. That said, I've been trying to find songs to walk down the aisle to (whenever that may be...). So one song that I've loved for a long time, 'Flightless Bird' by Iron & Wine, was on my list. Until I looked up the lyrics. WTF?! Have you ever read these lyrics? 

"Now I’m a fat house cat
Nursing my sore, blunt tongue
Watching the warm poison rats
Crawl through the wide fence cracks
Pissing on magazine photos
Those fishing lures thrown in the cold and clean
Blood of Christ mountain stream"

Yeah, pretty song- haunting even, but so not ok to walk down the aisle to. Twilight, you got it wrong.
Have you ever done this with a song? And do you have any song suggestions for me?


suzy said...

i LOVE song lyrics. i love helping friends find wedding songs.
that being said, i walked down to the instrumental part of "christmas present" by the rocket summer. the part where it builds and gets all big and amazing was where i came in. it felt magical.

Emily said...

Oh, I was actually wondering at one point in time what the actual lyrics to that song are and I'm not surprise Twilight (the movie, of course) got it wrong. Also, my vote is still for bittersweet symphony; although, I haven't actually listened to the lyrics to that either, but maybe you could make a mix? Is that absurd?