Monday. Etsy. Go.

Happy Monday, suckahs! I don't know why I felt the need to call you that, I'm sorry. 
Maybe cause I'm tired. Last night was the super bowl and the Patriots were in it, which meant I was way excited then normal (except I really wasn't...I'm just not that into football). Really, I was excited about the food- then I went into a food coma and just wanted to sleep. Meanwhile, everyone that I was watching the game with was in hysterics that the Pats lost. Oops. 
Then today was my first day of work at the new job.
Then we found out that Jeff's dad is flying out to Vegas next week to film a spot on Pawn stars.
Then I ate a delicious cheeseburger.

Have I lost you yet? How about I just shut up and show you what I want on Etsy and we'll just pretend that the rest of this blog post never happened.

New art for our living room- love this!
initial mugs
dresses with pockets are my favorite.
ok, corny I know. But I love this.
chunky tribal bangles


Anonymous said...

I literally have SUCH a similar necklace to that last one!

Alivia said...

Oy that dress. Giveittome.

Kiersten said...

I don't really enjoy football much either. My roommates and I had the game on, but all I really remember are the commercials...
And I love love love those mugs and that dress!!!

bonbon said...

I totally agree on the dresses with pockets thing- it is a total necessity! I have to dress up every day for work and I get so sick of the pocketless dresses and skirts. They've got to go!


Mel said...

That dress, so cute.