Lovey Etsy Monday

Happy Monday my friends, hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It was freezing cold here- so I spent most of the weekend under blankets. Although Saturday I celebrated Jeff's 28th birthday- I got him an espresso maker (ever since he came back from Australia this is all he drinks), and we went to a wonderful dinner out, ending the night with champagne and cupcakes. Mmm cupcakes. I went to East End Cupcakes instead of making them myself- not out of laziness but because i'm making cupcakes from scratch tomorrow- and besides, EEcupcakes makes you a better, happier person. I certainly wasn't sad when I bit into my funfetti cupcake with butter cream frosting....

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day- and say what you will about the day, but I love it. What isn't to love about a day that celebrates love? And yeah yeah yeah, I know love should be celebrated everyday- which is true, but tomorrow you can celebrate it extra hard! When I was little, every Valentine's Day my mother would leave us each a little box of chocolates outside our bedroom door to wake up to. So for me, Valentine's Day isn't about being in a relationship but just about celebrating all the types of love in your life. ROCK it.

Of course, today's Etsy Monday is Valentine's inspired. So go out there and spread some love! Just...be safe about it?!

heart + key brass ring
these are amazing!
nesting heart bowls
bahaha this is amazing- a "smitten"

personalized embroidered necklace- so cute!
mint green heart studs


Anonymous said...

the studs and the ring. I want!

Kiersten said...

I am in love with that ring!!! And the "smitten" is adorable!
<3 Kiersten

whitney said...

if i don't buy that smitten for next year's valentines day i will be crushed.

so glad i found your blog!!