I feel old when..

* ...I am up until 2:30am on a work night and have zero rally ability in me the following day.
* ...kids I used to babysit are either a) in college or b) drinking age.
* ...i realize my 30th birthday is right around the corner.
* ...2 beers does me in.
* ...all my friends are having babies. plural.
* ... i refer to tv shows like fraggle rock or punky brewster and the kids I babysit have no idea what I am talking about.
* ...i find my very first cell phone and realize it isn't that far off from what Zack Morris used to carry around.
* ...i find scrunchies in a box of old things.
* ...waitresses call me "ma'am".
* ...I make an "urrhhhh" noise when getting up from sitting on the floor.
* ... 11pm seems really late to me.
* ...i can't sleep in past 7am.
* ...I read labels on the food I buy.


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

LOL, I make the same "urrhhh" noise!! Getting old is kinda lame.

The Mrs. said...

I second all of these! 30 is the new...er, 25? Yes, let's go with that, shall we? Happy Friday!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Mel said...

You are not old! I can relate to a few things on this list, though. Finding scrunchies and the inability to stay up late.