Great post on Chris Brown and DV.

I just stumbled across this amazing post about Chris Brown performing at the Grammy's tonight (via a tweet from a fave blogger) and had to share it. I have had experiences with some levels of domestic violence, both professional and personal, and am pretty floored how people just brush this matter off. I'm not even going to try and put into words my thoughts on this matter- when the above linked post does it much better than I ever could. 

I want more than this from society.

People that run the Grammys...what the HELL were you thinking?


Kiersten said...

Nicole - I completely agree with you. While I've heard all the arguments in the world that music has nothing to do with what he did, I don't care. It's just all so beyond okay, and I agree that I can't even put my anger into words.
Thanks for sharing this post!
<3 Kiersten

Anonymous said...

I read that and YES.